Tito Mboweni is not happy with Skhumba the comedian. Images via Twitter: @titomboweni/@SABreakingNews

No more Mr Nice Guy: Mboweni slams Skhumba for joking about his style

Tito Mboweni is swapping his apron for some boxing gloves after comedian Skhumba poked fun at his shoes and questionable cooking.


Tito Mboweni is not happy with Skhumba the comedian. Images via Twitter: @titomboweni/@SABreakingNews

Former South African finance minister Tito Mboweni is not impressed with local comedian and radio host Skhumba. This is after Skhumba poked fun at Tito’s style on radio. Mboweni has now taken to his Twitter page to face Skhumba who he hilariously referred to him as a “jester”.

Tito Mboweni wants to “deal with” Skhumba

Former finance minister Tito Mboweni always tends to brush off the ample jokes made about his often disastrous cooking ventures. The ex-minister is famously known for preparing his tin fish with too much garlic and he doesn’t seem to mind.

It seems there is an end to his fun-loving ways and it starts when one makes fun of the way he dresses. On Wednesday 8 November, Mboweni tweeted that he wanted to get in contact with Skhumba after he decided to joke about Mboweni’s style.

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“I need the contact details of that jester: Skhumba. Wa delela swinene!! I want to deal with him strong!” wrote a clearly very annoyed Tito.

Despite the fact that his many Twitter followers flocked to the comment section to calm Mboweni down he was seemingly not having it. His mission to locate Skhumba appears to have been a success after he tweeted:

“I found him. That jester Skhumbana. Now about to deal with him. He should leave my shoes and cooking alone.”

Netizens are laughing out loud

Many people quickly called on Tito to calm down while others remarked that he should’ve handled the country’s finances with this sort of vigor. Here are some of their comments:

@WildMike05 said:

“The worst punishment you could do is to cook for him and tell him to wear your shoes while you’re busy cooking.”

@Billy_G_king said:

“If you had the same energy to deal with the country’s issues the petrol should have not been R20/litre.”

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