Snuggled-up sibling love: Nic

Nic and Keziah Kolisi. Image via screenshot from Instagram @rachel_kolisi.

Snuggled-up sibling love: Nic and Kezi Kolisi sing national anthem [watch]

Nic and Keziah Kolisi praise and worship during the national anthem while watching their dad, Siya Kolisi live on TV.

Snuggled-up sibling love: Nic

Nic and Keziah Kolisi. Image via screenshot from Instagram @rachel_kolisi.

Rachel Kolisi, wife of Springbok captain Siya Kolisi shared a cute clip of her two children holding each other in front of the TV as they sing the national anthem while watching their dad. The clip was posted on Sunday 12 September. 


It was match day this past Sunday for Siya Kolisi and his kids were supporting him from home. Rachel Kolisi shared a sweet video of their two children Keziah and Nicolas Kolisi singing the national anthem as they watched their dad on TV. 

The Springboks played Australia in the Rugby championship and Grant Almirall sang the South African national anthem. At the Kolisi house, little Keizah and Nic joined in as they had their hands affectionately around each other. Nic wore a Springbok shirt with his dad’s name and number on the back. 

While Keziah captured her mom’s heart with her praise and worship during the anthem. 

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“It’s Kezi praise and worshiping during the national Anthem for me ????,” wrote Rachel Kolisi on Instagram.

The Springboks came close but were defeated by Australia 28-26. 


The video racked up over 66 000 views with close to 150 comments. Instagrammers thought that the siblings were adorable and Siya Kolisi was leading by example. 

“The anthem is a prayer and her dad leads by example with reverence and passion ❤️❤️ Precious,” wrote Colette_ann. 

“Worship girl yeees, so cute????????????,” wrote @nolizapt.

“This is too precious ❤️ Thank you for sharing ❤️ Makes my heart sing ❤️,” wrote @anthea_gibbs.

“Beautiful princess & prince❤️❤️????????????????Yes, as previously mentioned, their Dad (AND their Mom) lead by example ❤❤❤❤,” wrote @pippamavian. 


Nicolas Kolisi turned seven on 3 September. Both his loving parents took to Instagram to share touching tributes to the little boy. 

“This time 7 years ago, I was 32 weeks pregnant getting ready for bed just as I do now. I had no idea I’d be giving birth the next day,” wrote Rachel on Instagram.

She went on to explain that little Nic is a miracle. 

“Nic was due on the 27th of October 2014. I had an emergency c-sec 03 September 2014.This pic was the 2nd time I held him 8 days after giving birth. A whole miracle,” she continued.

“I’m always a little sad the night before my kids birthday, the years fly by. But, tomorrow we celebrate the sweetest boy ????,” she added. 

Siya Kolisi shared a sweet video with the caption “Happy birthday my boy.”

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