‘Umlando’ singer, Toss, breaks down during IG Live. Image via @indabakabani/Instagram

‘I need love’: ‘Umlando’ hitmaker Toss breaks down live on IG [watch]

‘Umlando’ star, Toss, was in tears on Instagram, leaving fans worried about his emotional well-being.


‘Umlando’ singer, Toss, breaks down during IG Live. Image via @indabakabani/Instagram

Umlando hitmaker Toss seems to be going through a difficult period, if recent events are anything to go by. Earlier this month, the amapiano musician had fans worried when he unexpectedly fainted on stage. Although he later reassured fans that he is alright, another incident involving the muso is making Mzansi worry once more.

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Toss, real name Pholoso Masombuka, has cried out to fans that he “needs love right now.” This he said during an Instagram Live video on Tuesday 22 March. Although he did not say anything much at the time, the 22-year-old had his fans concerned when he started crying and proceeded to abruptly end the live.

During the live, fans continuously asked what was bothering him, but he refused to speak up. Others showed him support and love by sending him heart emojis.

Watch the YouTube video below:

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The vocalist had fans concerned about his health in the beginning of March when he fainted while performing his smash hit Umlando. According to reports, the musician was performing at a packed gig which had to be cut short when he collapsed.

At the time, fans were in the dark about the cause of the incident, however he did clear the air a few days later. Updating his fans about his health via a video on Instagram, he said that he collapsed due to exhaustion and he reassured them that he was doing well.

“I just want to address what happened yesterday, I fainted on stage due to fatigue. I just wanted to inform you that I am doing well.. I saw a video that has been circulating on Twitter and I just wanted to give you an update that I am okay and I appreciate the love and positive energies that you are sending out to me,” he said.

“I appreciate everything. I will come back stronger and I wanted to apologise to the promoter for what happened. I hope the show went well after I had left.”

– Toss continued

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