Lebron James wife handshake

Lebron James. Image via Instagram @lebron

Ignoring? Lebron James’ handshake with his wife goes viral [Watch]

Lebron James’ handshake with his wife left fans divided as some claim it was preplanned while others said she was ignoring him.

Lebron James wife handshake

Lebron James. Image via Instagram @lebron

Lebron James’s handshake with his wife, Savannah James, has left fans suggesting she ignored him.

James took his time to go and greet his wife, but their handshake was something that drew so much attention.

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To many fans, it looked as if Savannah was not willing to give him a proper handshake.

Other fans, however, thought it was a pre-planned handshake to show their love to the world.

Twitter user Kollege Kidd, shared the video on Instagram saying:

“LeBron and Savannah James got their own handshake 🤞🏾❤️”

Lebron James wife handshake
Lebron James. Image via Instagram @lebron


Lebron is arguably the finest player in NBA, and fans calling his wife the queen is nothing new.

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However, calling her queen after such a controversial handshake drew so many reactions from fans.

When Lebron James approached his wife with his hand in his pocket, it seemed Savannah did not like it.

After he extended his hand to shake her, Savannah took a long to surprise him, looking like she wasn’t interested.

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Despite the gestures they did with their hands, both Lebron and his wife were smiling sincerely.

Below is a video of Lebron James’ handshake with his wife, Savannah James.


Despite the video not being so recent, it has left many fans emotional as they continue to argue.

Most Lebron James fans suggested it was a handshake they had trained before and showed off their love.

Conversely, his haters suggested that Savannah did not want to shake his hands.

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Below are some of the comments from both camps.

“Women trip me out actin like they dont like the attention when he just made her day ,,, 😂 Married Life”

“I love ❤️ that he could’ve made any woman rich 🤑 but he chose one ☝️ of us ‼️Black love ❤️ is real”

“Y’all hate on a black man who has never been accused of cheating, and who is a father to his kids…but run and roll with the trifling, bafoonish, absent-father types in a second.”


“She comfortable , as she shall be I love how he treat his wife wat a queen 😘”