Nandi Madida

South African media personality Nandi Madida. Image via Twitter @Nandi_Madida

‘Stop posing half naked’: Nandi Madida slammed for hot snap

‘You are a married woman. Please respect your husband,’ one Twitter user commented on Nandi Madida’s photo.

Nandi Madida

South African media personality Nandi Madida. Image via Twitter @Nandi_Madida

South African musician Nandi Madida is a beauty and she knows it. The singer headed to her Twitter page on Tuesday this week to share a photo of herself looking all sorts of gorgeous. The post did however spark a bit of controversy among local app users who thought that the picture was a little bit too revealing and made this known in the comment section where they reminded her that she is a married woman.

As usual, Nandi paid no attention to the haters while her fans shared hearty support and compliments with her.

Nandi Madida’s hot snap garners mixed reactions

If there’s one thing about Nandi Madida, she is never surrounded by drama of any kind.

Unlike other local celebrities, she has managed to keep her image spotless and has maintained a good girl image.

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This is why it comes as quite a shock to see the comments that were shared underneath a cute photo that she shared on her Twitter recently.

Take a look at the gorgeous photo below:

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Thirsty trolls chip in

Many of them thought that her outfit was too revealing and felt the need to tell her how she should dress and what she should post.

Some even had the audacity to tell her she should cover up because she is a married woman.

Take a look at some of those comments:

@mooketsogogo said:

“U are a married woman …..stop posting half-naked pics plss respect your husband nxa.”

@morgan on the other hand wrote how he would love to wife her – despite the fact that she is happily married to musician Zakes Bantwini:

“When I grow up I want to marry you,” he wrote.

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