Nadia Nakai purchases a new home. Images via Instagram @nadianakai.

‘Zero common sense there’: AKA’s girlfriend Nadia leaves Twitter

AKA’s girlfriend Nadia Nakai on leaving Twitter: ‘It’s very toxic, it’s always been bad but like it’s gotten worse.’


Nadia Nakai purchases a new home. Images via Instagram @nadianakai.

South African rapper Nadia Nakai, who is dating rapper AKA took to her Instagram Stories to announce that she left Twitter on 7 July. 


AKA’s girlfriend Nadia Nakai took to Instagram to reveal she is leaving Twitter. She claims that it is a toxic platform and people are always bringing each other down. So, it is not for her.

“It’s very toxic! It’s always been bad but like it’s gotten worse! All you see on Twitter is people hating on each other, talking sh*t about each other! Bringing people down, and these blogs actually take things from Twitter and write stories about it,” she wrote in a since-expired Instagram Story.

“Twitter is a credible source now? Click bait is a hella drug. I can’t do it. Nothing is celebrated there,” she continued.

She went on to say that there is zero common sense on the platform and she enjoys being happy.

“There’s zero common sense there. I enjoy being happy. That place is just sh*t.” she added.

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Shortly after Nadia and her boyfriend’s “baby mama” DJ Zinhle were dragged on Twitter for showing each other “fake love.” Take a look…

DJ Zinhle clapped back at the trolls calling them “desperate.”

“This video is not fun, people prefer hate & bitterness between women for their own entertainment… it’s not gonna be us.. our family is good.. sorry to disappoint,” she tweeted.

“Some of it, like that post about Nadia & I is sooooooo desperate, anything to tweet about me & my family. Disgusting!!!!” she tweeted.

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