Nadia AKA dog

AKA and his dog. Images via Instagram @nadianakai

Sweet Nadia Nakai shares AKA’s best moments with his dog [watch]

Rapper Nadia Nakai shared a video of the late dog-lover AKA’s best moments with his dog playing on a couch.

Nadia AKA dog

AKA and his dog. Images via Instagram @nadianakai

Nadia Nakai has shown the world how much AKA was fond of dogs as she shared lovely videos of Mega’s best moments with his dog. The AKA saga refuses to fade away as it’s confirmed that the restaurant he was shot at would be closed.

Indeed, dogs have been very committed and loyal family members to humans for years and years. In other countries, dogs are now recognised as legal family members with rights attached to them.

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At home, he would spend most of his time with his dog, who had been his best buddy. Indeed, the poor dog is wondering where Mega is; probably, it’s thinking that he will be back soon.

Indeed, everyone had forgotten about him in such trying times; thank God, Nadia Nakai still remembers how much AKA loved his dog.

Nadia AKA dog
AKA and his dog. Image via Instagram @nadianakai


Of all the animals, dogs have proved to be man’s best friend worldwide. AKA is no exception, as he had his black dog he played with whenever he was home. Relaxing in his lounge, Mega played with his dog until they both got tired.

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They sat on the couch and looked like they were getting sleepy. What a beautiful yet sad moment to imagine. The poor dog will be without its owner, hopefully, Nadia will be able to take care of it the way he did. The good news is that she still remembers the love Mega gave to his dog.

Playing with his dog, AKA threw a playing ball, and the dog ran around the room, catching it and bringing it back to him. The show continued as AKA watched the television until, of course, when they were both tired.

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Indeed, this dog has lost one of its most loved people worldwide. Yes, Nadia Nakai can never replace AKA 100% in this dog’s life, but we hope she will be enough to make the dog happy.

Watch AKA’s best moments with his dog