SA weeps for Nadia Nakai Images via Instagram @akaworldwide

Fans feel for Nadia as source reveals AKA wanted to propose

‘Megacy will forever love Nadia’: Fans extend love to AKA’s girlfriend as things around his death begins to quiet and reality hits.


SA weeps for Nadia Nakai Images via Instagram @akaworldwide

The funeral of slain rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes has come and gone but people are still saying their last goodbyes. The rapper was assassinated in Durban last week outside of Wish restaurant where he had been dining with friends. His passing has left many truly saddened for his family and his girlfriend Nadia Nakai who the rapper had allegedly been planning to marry.

According to some “Megacy” fans, Nadia can consider herself AKA’s rapper especially since she received such a warm welcome into his family.

‘She was his wife’: Fans discuss AKA and Nadia Nakai’s relationship

People have not stopped discussing the death of local superstar AKA who was fondly called Supamega by his millions of fans.

A fresh wave of conversation has started around his relationship with fellow rapper Nadia Nakai after a close friend of his revealed that he had planned to marry her.

“She supported him. Took the late-night calls when he was crying and she was there for him. She was the one. He was planning to propose this year. He was hopeless romantic and I am sure by Valentine’s day, it would have been done,” the source told news publication Zimoja Lezinto.

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The source also added that the couple knew each other for over 10 years but only got together when they needed each other the most.

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Mzansi is saddened

The revelation has left people feeling even sadder for Nadia who has yet to make a post online. Many of them shared well wishes with her as reality starts to set in.

@neythebae_sa said:

“Nadia , my heart goes out to you. Every day I wake up and think about you, your pain, and your strength. I pray God gives you love and comfort. I know how much you loved and valued your relationship.”

While @Brianworldwide2 wrote:

“Megacy will forever love Nadia.”

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