Mus Khawula

Musa Khawula has broken his silence following his Twitter ban last month.
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‘Full of violence’: Musa Khawula promises tea on YouTube channel

‘I’d risk it all’: Musa Khawula broke his silence following his Twitter ban last month, promising his fans a tell-all on his YouTube account.

Mus Khawula

Musa Khawula has broken his silence following his Twitter ban last month.
Images via Twitter

Musa Khawula has broken his silence following his Twitter ban last month, and has promised his fans more tea on his YouTube channel

The controversial celebrity blogger – who is reportedly facing a murder trial – revealed in a Twitter Space that he took a “sabbatical” after things heated up online

This, after he shared an explicit video of DJ Lulu Cafe in the nude on his original Twitter account. The DJ would later spark concern after posting a distressing tweet following the incident 

But Musa has no regrets, and is hearing up to throw more shade at celebs in his new vlogging venture.

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In an explicit Twitter Space on Wednesday via his account The Pope of Pop Culture, Musa Khawula reacted to being banned on Twitter.

He shared: “So much has happened. I’m still full of violence. There is a bone I need to pick with some people. I don’t give a f**k. I don’t want to be nice

He continued: “I risked my account for you and I gave you good a** content.  I don’t even feel bad that when I left the last thing I shared was Lulo Cafe’s nudes. I’ll share them again, They’re coming on my YouTube. I don’t regret anything”.

Musa Khawula defended his actions, claiming that it came with the territory of celebrity blogging.

He continued: “Sharing all the content I do comes at I price, and I paid the price. But I don’t give a f**k. I would do it again

“There’s only one Musa and I’m not going to be apologetic about it…I will risk it all for a good story. This is not my first account to get suspended…this was probably my 20th account”.

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Responding to rumours he was arrested and had a stint in a jail cell, Musa Khawula quipped: “‘I’ve never been to [jail]…I took a break. I wasn’t arrested, I’ve been here.

“I took a sabbatical and I’m focusing on the YouTube page I’ve been promising everyone”.

Last month, Musa appeared in the Vredenburg magistrate’s court for the alleged murder of his ex-boyfriend Wandile Khambule.

According to National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson, Eric Ntabazalila, Musa Khawula was granted bail and will appear in court again on 19 October.

Eric told Sunday World: “The deceased was stabbed with a knife. According to the accused, they were in a romantic relationship”

But whilst Musa has previously claimed the death was a result of self-defence, Khambule’s girlfriend told the publication that the blogger committed the act in cold blood.

Listen to the full Twitter Space below: