Musa Khawula Lerato Kganyago beef

Musa Khawula has come for Lerato Kganyago’s uterus. Images via Instagram @leratokganyago and @khawulamusa.

‘You had an affair and got pregnant’: Musa Khawula comes for LKG

Musa Khawula has revealed that Lerato Kganyago allegedly had an affair and got pregnant as as result. Lerato says these are just lies.

Musa Khawula Lerato Kganyago beef

Musa Khawula has come for Lerato Kganyago’s uterus. Images via Instagram @leratokganyago and @khawulamusa.

Controversial entertainment commentator Musa Khawula and radio personality Lerato Kganyago had a very public social media spat after Musa claimed that Lerato had an extra-marital affair and allegedly got pregnant.

The Metro FM presenter did not back down when all of these accusations were thrown around, she made it known that the YouTuber is obsesses with her and will do anything to get views using her name.

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The self-proclaimed Wendy Williams lite summoned the former actress and spilled even more tea and alleged that Lerato was expecting Mzwandile Masina’s child but later had a miscarriage.

“Lerato baby, I don’t have secrets but please talk about how you f*cked Mzwandile Masina and his wife called you to order cos she was pregnant and your uterus that can’t carry children had you have 10 miscarriages including Masina’s child,” Musa wrote on his Instagram stories.

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Lerato did not back down, instead she told him that she will not be broken down by a lie that Musa has started.

“I want everyone to see the obsession with me, and I KNOW YOU HAVING A MELTDOWN. Keep them coming!!!…You think making up a lie and insulting my uterus will have me broken. I got time my boy!! The crack heads will believe you!!! NEXT LIE!!! I know it’s your pocket speaking! NEXT ONE!!,” Lerato replied.

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Musa Khawula Lerato Kganyago Miscarriage
Musa Khawula exposes Lerato Kganyago’s alleged affair. Image via Instagram @khawulamusa


Lerato’s fans did not take kindly to Musa’s threats and allegations, they defended Mrs Ndlala and reaffirmed her that Musa is indeed obsessed with her.

@lee_mcgold wrote: “But who does this hobo-looking kid Musa think he is fighting Lerato Kganyago? A whole LKG? Who is he and what impact does he usher to the society??? Let’s start there… Somebody please buy this poor kid a burger or something…. Because he’s hungry AF. Ha se yena o buang, ke tlala. He looks and speaks like a hobo with his cringy, shaky voice”.

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@phemymbatha wrote: “This is too low and personal. Musa, you are wrong. Haiii, this is way below the belt”.

@its_missabrahams wrote: “I think it’s very important that we know when gossip is entertainment and when it’s pure insult and harassment. We have to know where to draw the line”.

@madame_madondo wrote: “No you have reached the earth’s crust and this page should be reported. If you are a woman and find this funny shame on you!!!”.

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