Murdah Bongz

Murdah Bongz is being trolled again. Images via Instagram @murdahbongz

‘He’s a simp’: Murdah trolled for offering to pay for AKA’s mom’s lunch

‘He last posted his mother in 2020 but he’s always spending time with Forbes family,’ one person said about DJ Zinhle’s husband Murdah Bongz.

Murdah Bongz

Murdah Bongz is being trolled again. Images via Instagram @murdahbongz

Earlier this week, South African musician Murdah Bongz — real name Robert Mohosana — posted a video of a video call between himself and his wife Ntombezinhle “DJ Zinhle” Jiyane. In the clip, he is seen talking Zinhle and their daughter Asante Mohosana, during what appears to be a lunch date with Lynn Forbes — the mother of Kiernan “AKA” Forbes who is the father of Zinhle’s first daughter, Kairo Forbes.

After chatting with his wife and daughter, he then speaks to Lynn and tells her that the bill is on him. This didn’t sit well with some X users who accused him of neglecting his own mother.

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Murdah Bongz told to focus on his own mother

Since the passing of local rapper AKA, Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle’s relationship has been throughly scrutinised by social media users.

Only a few weeks after his passing, many accused Zinhle of disrespecting her husband by mourning her ex-boyfriend and “baby daddy.”

DJ Zinhle with the fathers of her kids Murdah Bongz and AKA. Images via Twitter @akaworldwide and Instagram @djzinhle.

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Months later and they are now calling him a simp for welcoming AKA’s mother wholeheartedly into his family.

This after he shared a video of himself offering to pay for Zinhle and Lynn’s day out recently.

“This is Murdah Bongz Morda Parents they look like parents that are really struggling yet his bragging to DJ Zinhle family and Forbes He last posted his Mother in 2020 till now nothing His always spending time with Forbes family but fail to do that to his Family his a simp,” a troll wrote on X.

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Supporters chip in

In the comment section one or two people agreed while others remarked that it really isn’t anyone’s business.

“They show us the house kwi show Ka Zinhle and they are staying in a beautiful house and I don’t think you’re show of what you are talking about.Please show us the pictures of your parents and the house you built for your parents.I see jealousy here,” one person said while another added:

‘Send them your money if you’re that concerned mos.”

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