Reunited with love: Murdah Bon

Murdah Bongz, DJ Zinhle and baby Asante. Images via Instagram @murdahbongz.

Reunited with love: Murdah Bongz bonds with Zinhle and Asante [watch]

Murdah Bongz shared a precious video of the musician dancing with his one-month-old baby girl Asante…with special guest appearance by mom DJ Zinhle! Take a look…

Reunited with love: Murdah Bon

Murdah Bongz, DJ Zinhle and baby Asante. Images via Instagram @murdahbongz.

South African musician Murdah Bongz shared a special moment with his baby girl Asante Mohosana and posted the super cute video to Instagram on Wednesday 3 November. 


One-month-old Asante Mohosana has two busy and hard working parents. Her mom DJ Zinhle got back to her DJ gigs just a month after giving birth. She also runs three businesses — wig brand Hair Majesty, eyewear and accessory brand Era By DJ Zinhle and her sparkling wine brand, BLVD Nectar Rose.

On his return from a gig in Botswana, Murdah Bongz, who is a part of the popular music group Black Motion, reunited with Asante and DJ Zinhle. 

He shared a cute 40-second video of him holding his adorable baby girl and dancing on Instagram. In the first few seconds, Asante is carried by her nanny while Murdah Bongz is dancing. He then takes her and dances with the little one. DJ Zinhle initially didn’t want to be on camera, but in the end gives her daughter and boyfriend a tight hug.

Take a look…

“REUNITED….✍????,” the post was captioned.

“???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I love you,” commented the Umlilo hitmaker.

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DJ Zinhle often praises how supportive Murdah Bongz had been throughout her pregnancy. After giving birth the excited dad of two has shown his little girl nothing but love… and some dance moves. Murdah Bongz also had a toddler from a previous relationship.

DJ Zinhle revealed that their relationship became more solid after she found out they were expecting a baby together.

“Bongani and I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I think because of my first pregnancy I wasn’t as scared as I could’ve been. It’s a big change … I’m super excited but also super nervous. He’s very nervous about it but also super supportive and I think it made our relationship more solid,” she said to Tshisa Live. 

However, she does not want to have a third baby! DJ Zinhle had her first-born Kairo Forbes with rapper AKA. She has since been trying to equally divide her attention between both her daughters.

“This is the last one. That’s for sure. It just takes so long to make a baby.  If it took a shorter period maybe I’d have another one but I think I’m done. This is it for me,” she continued.

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