Mr Smeg and Pearl Thusi

Mr Smeg says he and Pearl Thusi haven’t been date.
Image via Twitter

Mr Smeg on Pearl Thusi: ‘We haven’t been dating’

Social media influencer – Mr Smeg denies dating ‘Queen Sono’ actress Pearl Thusi prior to their #NationalLunchDate.

Mr Smeg and Pearl Thusi

Mr Smeg says he and Pearl Thusi haven’t been date.
Image via Twitter

Social media celebrity – Mr Smeg who went out on a date with Pearl Thusi last week recently confirmed that he’s never dated the Queen Sono actress before their #NationalLunchDate.    

The pair trended last week when Thusi officially went out with the influencer and filmed their whole date.  

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Michael Mncedi Bucwa aka Mr Smeg trended last month when he plucked up the courage to ask popular actress Pearl Thusi out on a date and she agreed.  

The pair went on a #NationalLunchDate at kwaito star Oskido’s restaurant and their date trended all day on Twitter.  

Bucwa who is originally from the Eastern Cape and is currently based in Pretoria tells City Press that he’s a social media influencer and a systems analyst.  

He is working in the automation technology environment and bought his first Smeg appliance in June 2020.  

“Little did I know, it would become the beginning of an amazing and exciting adventure.”  

He took his red Smeg kettle everywhere on a hike or to dinner and even the zoo and captured every moment with his kettle for his social media accounts.  

“It started as a fun thing to do, but the incredible interest that we received continuously grew.”

“The media loved seeing my kettle and me out and about.”

“I have gained so much attention that I now have a huge Twitter following due to my adventures with my Smeg kettle.”  

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The Eastern Cape businessman tells the publication that he started speaking to Pearl Thusi about a year ago before he shot his shot recently.  

“I started interacting with Pearl Thusi about a year ago.”

“I loved the content that she puts out on Twitter.”

“She is inspiring and everyone loves her. She is entertaining, funny, and full of vibes.”  

She started telling her that she is beautiful and after months of us interacting on Twitter, I asked her out for lunch.  

He denies dating Thusi before this encounter and says they haven’t been dating.  

“We haven’t been dating and it was the first time seeing her.” 

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