Mpumelelo Mseleku and Tirelo Kale

Mpumelelo Mseleku and Tirelo Kale. Image via Instagram @miss_kale

‘I was girlfriend number 4’: Mpumelelo Mseleku’s partner Tirelo

One of Mpumelelo Mseleku’s girlfriends, Tirelo Kale – who is expecting his second child – spoke candidly about their relationship dynamics.

Mpumelelo Mseleku and Tirelo Kale

Mpumelelo Mseleku and Tirelo Kale. Image via Instagram @miss_kale

Tirelo Kale – who is one of popular reality TV star Mpumelelo Mseleku’s girlfriends – has opened up about being in a “polygamous” relationship in an interview with Drum.

When Izingane Zes’thembu premiered on Tuesday, 27 June, Tirelo took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy. The show is a spin-off of the popular Uthando Nes’thembu reality show featuring well-known polygamist and traditionalist Musa Mseleku, his four wives and his ten children.

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Izingane zeS’thembu stars Musa Mseleku’s children Sne, Mpumelelo, Lwandle, Mpilo and Abongwe Mseleku.

Viewers of the series will also get a glimpse into the lives of aspiring polygamist Mpumelelo and his two girlfriends – his firstborn’s mother, Vuyo Nciweni, and pregnant Tirelo.

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Like his father, Mpumelelo wants to marry more than one woman and he is already introducing the women in his life to the polygamous lifestyle.

During his interview on The Venting Podcast last month, he said: “I love women. I would be lying if I said my father convinced me into being a polygamist. If I was doing it for my father, I would not be able to continue doing it. I am still going to continue. I won’t say how many women I plan to have, but they are more than my father has. (Alprazolam) ”

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Mpumelelo Mseleku and his first girlfriend Vuyokazi Nciweni. Image via Instagram @vuyokazinciweni


Tirelo told Drum that she was girlfriend number four in 2021 when she started dating Mpumelelo – who is also a Swallow FC footballer.

According to Tirelo, Mpumelelo introduced her to his first girl, Vuyokazi, and the other two women over the phone. However, it was only she and Vuyokazi who accepted the relationship dynamics as the other two ladies left the relationship – making her girlfriend number two. She says the ladies who left were not pleasant or welcoming.

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The expactant mom said it was not easy for her to accept that she would be sharing her knight in shining armour, however, he has a way of making her feel like she is the only one when he is with her.

“At first, there were fights but we grew to accept that he wants what he wants, and he loves and respects us,” Tirelo was quoted as saying.