Moshe Ndiki just became SA’s fave. Images via Twitter: @MosheNdiki

‘Made for this’: Moshe Ndiki ‘perfect’ host for ‘You Promised to Marry Me’

SA presenter Moshe Ndiki’s hosting skills on ‘You Promised to Marry Me’ has received high praise from impressed viewers.


Moshe Ndiki just became SA’s fave. Images via Twitter: @MosheNdiki

While many South Africans complained over the fact that Uyajola 9/9 was replaced by You Promised to Marry Me, others were taking the time to appreciate the show’s co-host Moshe Ndiki’s refreshing presenting skills.

Among a number of complaints about the fact that Uyajola 9/9 was off their screens, were compliments for Moshe who swiftly resolved a heated moment when the reality show aired on Moja Love.

Moshe Ndike gets a thumbs-up for ‘You Promised to Marry Me’

On Sunday 7 November, many South Africans took to Twitter to air their frustration about their beloved Uyajola 9/9 being replaced by You Promised to Marry Me. Many of their frowns were soon turned upside down as Moshe Ndiki, the show’s co-host, hit the screens with what they feel is top-notch presenting skills.

Moshe proved himself to be the “host with the most” when Nobuhle, an angry woman who was promised marriage by her ex, became violent towards the man behind the empty promises.

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Moshe quickly reprimanded Nobuhle for her behaviour while managing to keep fans entertained.

Many South Africans who felt equally outraged by Nobuhle’s actions, loved watching him diffuse the heated situation in a professional and effective manner and quickly flocked to social media to shower him with praise.

The perfect match

Many of them commented that he was a stellar choice for the show and appeared to appreciate his much more calm and effective manner of handling situations – especially compared to fellow host Jub Jub’s often crass and straightforward approach.

@KatliTee said:

“Moshe is the host we didn’t know we needed yazi #YouPromisedToMarryMe.”

@mbali_ndlela said:

“Moshe Ndiki is perfect for #YouPromisedToMarryMe, I’m entertained so far.”

@Jabu_Macdonald said:

“#youpromisedtomarryme Moshe Ndiki is perfect for this show.”

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