Mnqobi Kunene speaks on his fitness routine. Image via Instagram @_umnqobi_

Mnqobi Kunene speaks on his fitness routine. Image via Instagram @_umnqobi_

Mnqobi Kunene’s formula to staying fit through festive season

“Outlaws” star and fitness enthusiast, Mnqobi Kunene gives his tips to staying fit throughout the festive season.

Mnqobi Kunene speaks on his fitness routine. Image via Instagram @_umnqobi_

Mnqobi Kunene speaks on his fitness routine. Image via Instagram @_umnqobi_

Fitness enthusiast and actor, Mnqobi Kunene, 32, known for his exceptional roles in popular shows like “My Brother’s Keeper” and “Outlaws,” shared his recipe with IOL for striking a balance between festive indulgence and overall physical fitness. 

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While relatively new to acting, Kunene’s journey began in the world of sports, particularly rugby, during his time at Vryheid Landbou High School in eMondlo, northern KwaZulu-Natal.

“I used to do great in athletics as well – coming first in 100m, and high jump, and breaking a long jump record in high school,” he said.

Kunene’s entry into showbiz started when he participated in the “Men’s Health” magazine cover guy competition in 2018, securing a spot in the Top 5.

Despite initial setbacks in his modelling and acting aspirations, he made a bold move to Durban in 2018. After he did this, he started outdoor running over weightlifting at the gym.

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His fitness journey, often challenging due to a packed filming schedule that starts as early as 4.30 am, involves a combination of outdoor running, beach running, and touch rugby sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Mindful eating is of major importance to Kunene, including disciplined portion control, and the necessary battle against the temptations of food served on set.

In his daily routine, Kunene starts with a glass of water or green tea in the morning, followed by a fruit salad with cereal on set. He maintains a cautious approach to his diet, choosing foods that provide the energy needed for his demanding schedule.

He admits to occasional indulgence driven by his ‘sweet tooth.’ However, Kunene still stresses the significance of self-control and moderation. He advises, “You gotta have your meals in small portions, with the right stuff.”

For this festive season, Kunene’s advice for maintaining fitness is to think long-term. “Even around this time of the year, even if I can have my cheat meals, I always look at it from a long-term perspective.”

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To stay motivated, Kunene recently joined a local running club that introduced him to virtual runs. “You gotta have that support structure to keep you accountable, that’s one way of motivating yourself to stay committed to your fitness goals,” he said.

He changed his fitness approach from building muscle mass to more holistic exercises, from body-weight training to HIIT workouts. 

In fact, Kunene plans to enter a triathlon. While others wind down for the holidays, he keeps up his fitness routine. It’s not just about looking good for New Year’s; it’s about building a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

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