Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones

Minnie and Quinton in happier times. Image via Twitter @tnvenge

Minnie Dlamini shares a little insight into why her marriage failed

Hint hint? Minnie Dlamini just shared what appears to be a little insight into her failed marriage with Quinton Jones.

Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones

Minnie and Quinton in happier times. Image via Twitter @tnvenge

Many people were left taken aback after South African media personality Minnie Dlamini split from her husband Quinton Jones after only four years of marriage. The TV presenter announced their split in 2021 in an Instagram post explaining that they had exhausted all options while trying to fix their marriage. Shortly afterward, there were allegations that the marriage ended due to infidelity on Minnie’s behalf.

Taking to Instagram recently, Minnie shared what may be a hint about what the actual problem could have been.

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Minnie Dlamini shares what appears to be a hint about her failed marriage

Minnie Dlamini’s union to former American sports star Quinton Jones was aired on TV for everyone to see.

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After watching the beautiful affair, many believed that the I presenter had found the one.

The bubble burst only four years later when she announced their split.

Minnie Dlamini divorce
Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones in happier times. Image via Twitter @MusaKhawula

Shortly after that, celeb gossip monger Musa Khawula alleged that the leggy bombshell had cheated on Quinton with millionaire businessman Edwin Sodi.

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Loving a narcissist?

Minnie denied the allegations and recently headed to Instagram to share a post about being in a relationship with a narcissist — something many of her followers believe to be a hint about the problems in her marriage.

In the post which was shared on her Story, Judge Lynn Toler discusses relationships that involve a narcissist who does something called “love bombing”.

According to Zalebs, love bombing is a term defined as, “a controlling and manipulative tactic most often used by narcissists and abusive people. They seek to quickly obtain affection and attention before tearing their victims down. They may appear charming and exciting in the beginning, but this usually fades away and is replaced with emotional abuse

Minnie also shared heartbreaking emojis which is a clear indication that it is something she can relate to.

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