Dineo ranaka

South African radio personality Dineo Ranaka admitted into mental health facility. Image via Instagram @dineoranaka.

‘I have a spiritual gift’: Dineo Ranaka answers calling as traditional healer

‘I’d dream with my eyes wide open’: Metro FM host Dineo Ranaka has recently graduated as a traditional healer and chats about her ‘spiritual calling’.

Dineo ranaka

South African radio personality Dineo Ranaka admitted into mental health facility. Image via Instagram @dineoranaka.

Radio personality and reality star Dineo Ranaka graduated as a traditional healer in September and has opened up about answering her ancestral calling 17 years after she discovered that she was born with the “spiritual gift”.


In an interview with Sowetan Live, Dineo Ranaka opened up about her ancestral calling saying that she did not initially believe she had one. However, she had to shift her focus to God, because if you don’t, God will disturb what you’re focused on.

“When you’re not focused on God, God will disturb what you’re focused on. I’ve had a focus on God but I had not focused on my ancestral calling. There was a time when I was confused and convinced myself that I don’t have an ancestral calling,” said Ranaka to Sowetan Live.

The Metro FM host who surprised fans with the announcement of the arrival of a new baby in July, explained that she always had heightened intuition.

“The manner in which certain obstacles presented themselves in my life has been something of a phenomenon. My intuition is an irregular and very heightened intuition… I’d dream with my eyes wide open,” she continued.

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Dineo Ranaka’s journey of healing began when she reached out to Dr Ngwato for a documentary she wanted to shoot. This is because he heals drug addicts. She then wanted to engage with darkness further through the eyes of a traditional healer as she seeked to compare traditional healing methods to western medicine. 

Dr Ngwato then became her mentor and thats when her ancestral journey began.

“Of all the people I consulted with, I felt a spiritual alignment with Dr Ngwato. I felt sincerity and power that came from within. I think the gifts I have to connect so deeply with his gifts that we could speak one language and I could trust him,” said the 37-year-old.

“I started spending a lot more time with him, I then grew a liking for family and had to respect his practices. I then gave him a call and I said: ‘I’m ready. I’m coming in. I have accepted that I have spiritual gifts,” she continued. 


She explained that ancestral training is intense and requires you to forget about yourself completely. You have to forget your ego and how people see you and strip yourself down to be one with nature.

The Bridge host revealed that she qualified as a traditional healer in September this year. 

“We spent a lot of time in the mountains digging trees and being taught natural medicines. As it stands I am a qualified traditional healer, I graduated last week. This means I can heal people through the power of spoken word and natural medicine,” she added. 

Dineo Ranaka went on to say that she can be a DJ, TV presenter and everything else but she cannot stop being a traditional healer. This is because she wants to help heal those who need healing.

“I’ve got many gifts, I am layered in many gifts and I am myself a volume of gifts to the nation. I am a gift for anyone who comes into contact with me,” said Ranaka.

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