Mo Flava

Metro FM DJ Mo Flava revealed his encounter with a group of slay queens.
Image via Twitter

The audacity! Female fans demand Mo Flava pay R3k drinks bill

Metro FM DJ Mo Flava revealed a group of slay queens demanded he pay their R3k drink bill during a night out. Here’s how he reacted…

Mo Flava

Metro FM DJ Mo Flava revealed his encounter with a group of slay queens.
Image via Twitter

Social media users were left reeling after Metro FM DJ Mo Flava shared an unbelievable experience he had during a working night out

The DJ revealed on Twitter that he had been approached by a group of female fans who demanded he pay for their drinks

And it was no small change either – the unknown woman wanted the married celeb to fit the bill worth almost R4 000!


Taking to Twitter, Mo Flava posted on Friday night about his unbelievable night out.

He shared “A group of ladies just told the waiter to bring their bill of R3394 to me and I must pay…why would I pay for drinks ordered by people I don’t even know? Tf have people become”

The Metro FM breakfast show host was performing at a gig in Rustenburg when the incident happened. And tweeps were shook at the audacity of the strange women.

@Jaytea2015: “I thought slay queens are loaded as they get paid almost for everything including just being present”

@maetsa_kabomo: “Why do women still go out if they can’t afford their own drinks? It’s tough for everyone”

@PhumieeM: “Boggles my mind how you go out, eat and drink knowing very well that you have no money”

@thacleodon: “The entitlement to other people’s money because you’re a lady. They’re definitely used to using men to pay their bills. Nonsense!”

While a few people questioned Mo Flava on why he just didn’t pay up, he quipped: “I have money but not for them”


And it’s not just Mo Flava who has experienced being on the end of the shameful act. Other tweeps shared their own experiences of being duped by “slay queens”.

@AdvocateMpohla: “Also paid a bill not so long ago. Lady literally came to join us and a group of friends. Out of courtesy asked what she wanted and she ordered her drink then suddenly indicates to the waiter to bring her bill since she’s changed to our table. Literally passed to me”

@Alatn_Ewkagam: “It once happened to us, ladies ordered Mumm champagne. Then they wanted to leave without paying at Coffee Polokwane. We closed the door, and a fight ensued between us. The bouncers forced us to pay for alcohol we didn’t consume. The bill was around 8k”

@nataciamokoka: “ It really happens a lot these days. I was in a job interview with a guy in a restaurant. The mistake the guy made was to greet some girls not so far from us. When they stood up they left him with the bill. And the restaurant was posh”

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