Meshack Mavuso Shaka Zulu

Meshack Mavuso says he was not aware that he needed consent. Images via Instagram: @mavuso101

Meshack Mavuso threatened with legal action over Shaka Zulu play

Meshack Mavuso says he never knew Shaka Zulu belonged to the Mhlongos because they did not even do much research on the play.

Meshack Mavuso Shaka Zulu

Meshack Mavuso says he was not aware that he needed consent. Images via Instagram: @mavuso101

Durban Gen actor and producer Meshack Mavuso has been accused by King Shaka Zulu’s family of using his name without consultation.

The Mhlongos told Daily Sun that they were not aware of Meshack’s play, Shaka Zulu: The Gaping Wound until recently.

The family spokesperson Mhlathuze Mhlongo said that they [the family] have not watched the play and have no idea what it is about.

“We are wondering where they found information because we’re the sole custodians of Shaka’s legacy,” Mhlongo said.

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Shaka Zulu’s family representative says their main complaint is the use of Shaka’s name without consent. They are worried they may misrepresent him.

“They think they know the king, yet they know nothing…We are not saying Meshack wrongly portrayed him…We want to know why we were never consulted. We understand that Meshack may have good intentions, but we reserve the right to give permission,” says Mhlongo.

Mhlongo says they are not fighting. All they want to do is correct history.

Meshack Mavuso Shaka Zulu: The Gaping Wound Play
Meshack Mavuso faces legal action over his play about the Zulu King. Images via Instagram: @mavuso101

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The publication says if the actor and his crew failed to contact them, they would have no choice but to take the legal route.

“We have already discussed this with our legal representatives. We are hoping to resolve this matter amicably,” Mhlongo says.

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When Meshack was contacted by Daily Sun, he said he was shocked by this.

“Yoh! I never knew Shaka belonged to the Mhlongos. It is true that we never consulted them. In fact, we didn’t even do much research because we wrote the play the way we knew it,” he said.

He told the publication that the play highlighted the King’s bravery.

“His vision was to unite Africans, unfortunately he was killed before realising his dream,” he said.

“What is also remarkable is Shaka’s last words to his assassins. He said they would never rule and instead, other nations would take over,” the actor said.

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