Queen Lolly

Master KG has denied claims that he is Queen Lolly’s baby mama.
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@queen_lolly_sgananda/ @masterkgsa

DNA test loading? Master KG denies Queen Lolly baby claims

Is he the daddy or not? Master KG has clapped back at Queen Lolly who made bombshell allegations about her celebrity ex-boyfriends…

Queen Lolly

Master KG has denied claims that he is Queen Lolly’s baby mama.
Images via Instagram
@queen_lolly_sgananda/ @masterkgsa

The drama between Queen Lolly and her alleged ex-flames is getting messier…

Since spilling the tea about being linked to AKA Big Zulu, Master KG, and Musa Mseleku’s son in a YouTube show about “side chicks” over the weekend, the singer has faced a wave of backlash.

She’s since been hit with a lawyer’s letter to withdraw her statements surrounding the Mseleku family. She’s also been slammed by alleged baby daddy Master KG.

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Following her bombshell allegations, Master KG – who is currently dating fellow singer Makhadzi – clapped back at being linked to Queen Lolly.

He tweeted: “This is not my baby mama. I don’t have a child with this person. 

The Jerusalema hitmaker added: “People say whatever for anything  that will make them get headlines.”

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Although Queen Lolly steered clear of mentioning any details of her children during the show – titled Omakhwapheni – she did admit to being Master KG’s baby mama.

In an episode earlier this month, she said that she had miscarried one of her pregnancies due to “stress.”

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Before revealing she had a miscarriage, Queen Lolly told Sunday World that Master KG had allegedly encouraged her to pursue an abortion after she revealed her pregnancy.

She said: “His response was that ngiyahlanya mina ekhanda [I’m delusional and crazy in my head. He never wanted to entertain me on that pregnancy topic. And because of pressure from him, I decided to abort my baby during the lockdown period”.

Queen Lolly added that she fell pregnant for the second time, but added: “He wants me to abort my baby again, but I won’t do it this time.”

The singer alleged that she began sleeping with the music producer after he agreed to assist her with a “beat” for one of her songs.


Meanwhile, tweeps are wading into the debate between Queen Lolly, Master KG, and their alleged love child.

Here’s what they had to say:

@Blaqbear: “He admitted that he doesn’t have a baby with this person. He never denied sleeping with her, though.”

@nunuzwane: “We need Nimrod and Utatakho test results.”

@sparx_ltd: “Are you going to sue her for defamation?”

@Owomthetho: “Work on your self-control. You don’t have to smash everything that moves. Plus, there are sicknesses out there”.