Masasa Mbangeni talks weight gain

Masasa Mbangeni talks weight gain
Image via Twitter

Masasa Mbangeni claps back at body-shamers: ‘Not pregnant, just fat’

Masasa Mbangeni claims the “contents of her uterus” are her own business after tweeps claimed that she looked pregnant…

Masasa Mbangeni talks weight gain

Masasa Mbangeni talks weight gain
Image via Twitter

Masasa Mbangeni is not pregnant, she is happy and content…

The former Scandal! actress has been vocal about her changing figure in recent months, which she claims makes her “happy”.

But the extra weight around her belly has nothing to do with rumours of anything growing inside it, she claims…


Responding to body-shamers and rumours that she is expecting,  the award-winning star clapped back on Twitter: “Guys I’m not pregnant I’m just fat, happily so. DMs on IG and Twitter about the contents of my uterus are on an upward surge again”.

Masasa added that she was a lady of leisure as her husband Gwydion Beynon, whom she fondly calls “Baba”, has been working hard to bring home the bacon in their home.

“Baba works ten jobs and y’all expect me to be skinny? The math don’t add up bazalwane [brothers]”.

Earlier this year, the soapie star claimed that her body resembled a “Renaissance painting” after gaining a significant amount of weight.

She tweeted: “Guys I’ve gained so much weight and I’m so happy! 

“My a** is massive, my breasts are gorgeous and I have a soft belly! I look like a Renaissance painting but with an a**. Semhle [we are beautiful]”

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Another celebrity who is hoping to add some extra meat on her bones is actress and DJ Thuli Phongolo.

The former Generations star tweeted last week that she was embarking on another high-calorie diet in the hopes of gaining weight.

“Starting my weight gain diet again next month, I’m so skinny… I like it but I don’t, andazi ndithini! [I don’t know what to say]”.

And it looked like it was working. Not long after, the entertainer revealed she was craving a Kota, a South African street food sandwich consisting of egg, polony, chips, cheese and a burger patty.

“Andisabaweli i-Kota wethu! [I won’t share my Kota with you]”.

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