Mark Pilgrim

Mark Pilgrim followers have put a troll on blast who commented that the radio presenter’s cancer battle was ‘karma’.
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Mark Pilgrim fans come for troll who claims cancer is ‘karma’

‘You aint going to beat it’: The cruel troll commented under a post by Mark Pilgrim who is battling stage four lung cancer…

Mark Pilgrim

Mark Pilgrim followers have put a troll on blast who commented that the radio presenter’s cancer battle was ‘karma’.
Images via Instagram

A cruel troll has told veteran radio presenter Mark Pilgrim to take his morphine and die in plain terms amid his stage four cancer battle.

The comment was made by a Facebook user who commented under the Hot 102.7 FM’s latest post. In it, Mark shared a glimpse at the painful side effects of his treatments.

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Following his heartbreaking post, a Facebook user – who goes by the name Megan Molko – shared a nasty message to Mark Pilgrim.

She commented: “I don’t see the point. You ain’t gonna beat it. I’m not one of these people who keep on telling you you can beat it. Tell them to give you morphine and gently leave this mortal plane”.

She added: “We will remember your smile for sure. What you are going through is abuse. It may be paying off karma; who knows?”

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But followers of Mark Pilgrim were not impressed by her sentiments, telling the “troll” to keep her negativity to herself.

Pavlina Papadakis: “Megan Molko, you should try to find happiness in your life in order to be more compassionate, supportive, and at least a bit positive. If you are not capable of such, well…then keep the negative thoughts to yourself.”

Christiane Lung: “How dare you tell someone else how to be and what to do? It is not about you nor your own unresolved issues. Shame on you. Your words are cruel.”

Sylvia Sneddon: “In a world where you can be anything, BE KIND!”

Sue Scheepers: “That decision is for him to make. I think your remarks are best kept to yourself. Positive support is what he needs.”

Amid the backlash, Megan clapped back by attempting to justify her comments.

She posted: “I knew I was going to receive all these comments, and all I can say is I lived for 4 years with a man dying of cancer. I believe we should be given the right to say NO MORE I’M DONE and be given the right to die.”


Almost a year ago, Mark Pilgrim was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer – the second time after beating testicular cancer more than three decades ago. 

In the past 12 months, the radio personality has since gone undergone an intensive treatment plan combining radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy. He also regularly has his lungs drained and is set to begin a new drug as part of targeted therapy.

After spending more than 60 days in hospital last year, the presenter has also lost more than 15kgs. He now also uses a walking stick to move around.

But while Mark Pilgrim is known to use his motivational pearls of wisdom – and candid humour – to inspire his followers through his own cancer journey, in his latest social media post, he revealed he wanted to “keep it real.”

Sharing a pic of him crouched over in pain and clutching his walking stick; he posted: “Just to keep it real. I smile a lot in pics. But there’s also moments after heavy coughing or vomiting that I’m exhausted and need a moment to catch my breath. It’s about acknowledging those moments… and then standing up again”.