Mark Pilgrim

Mark Pilgrim shared a ‘magical moment’ with his daughters amid his stint in ICU.
Images via Instagram

Better than medicine? Mark Pilgrim reunites with kids

Best medicine ever? Mark Pilgrim shared a heartfelt moment with his two daughters after almost a month in ICU…

Mark Pilgrim

Mark Pilgrim shared a ‘magical moment’ with his daughters amid his stint in ICU.
Images via Instagram

After weeks of suffering from cabin fever in his hospital bed, Mark Pilgrim had the opportunity to see his daughters again – and it was a bittersweet reunion

The radio personality has spent three long weeks in ICU at Milpark hospital following a procedure on his collapsed lungs.

The popular personality – who was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer earlier this year – has been sharing updates about his cancer journey on his social media accounts.

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Despite being grateful for the opportunity to receive life-saving treatment, Mark Pilgrim has revealed in recent days that being away from his family no easy task.

But over the weekend, the Hot 102.7 presenter received the go-ahead from his doctor to see his kids – albeit just for a few minutes. 

Describing the moment as “magical”, he shared on social media: “After almost 3 weeks I got to hug my girls!

“They’re not allowed in ICU, so I got permission to step out and visit them in the passage”.

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In the pic Mark Pilgrim is all smiles as he embraces his daughters who wear face masks to prevent passing on any germs to their immunocompromised father.

Mark’s happy experience came days after he claimed to he was feeling worse for wear.

He shared last week: “Another high temp since last night so been man down today. Tomorrow will be a better day”.

Despite his morale feeling low, Mark claimed that he was “making progress in reducing lung fluid”.

He added: “Remaining positive every day”


Mark Pilgrim’s social media accounts are filled with his happy snaps with his partner Adrienne and his two daughters Tayla-Jean and Alyssa. 

In 2020, Mark Pilgrim and his wife of 13  years  – and mother of his children – Nicole Torres announced their divorce. 

Recently, Mark started dating a woman named Adrienne, whom he met “through mutual friends”.  Mark regularly praises her partner for her support amid his health battle.

He told You magazine of his family life: “My aim is to walk them down the aisle when they get married someday. So I’ve got to stick around”.

“I want to go on holiday with Adrienne and the girls and explore places I haven’t been to. And I want to be on the radio for a long time because this is my happy place.”