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‘The govt doesn’t give a sh**’: Marc Lottering compares ANC to COVID-19

‘COVID-19 is not the only killer,” said comedian Marc Lottering in an interview addressing how artists are being treated like the ‘stepchild’ of the nation.


Image via Twitter: @MarcLottering

Marc Lottering is fed-up with the South African government and he made this exceedingly clear in an online post and recent interview. According to Lottering, those in power are not doing what they can do to help artists in the country while COVID-19 brings many of their careers to a standstill.

His harsh words come after an industry friend reached out for some help to buy food.

Marc Lottering gives the govt a piece of his mind

Local comedian Marc Lottering has had it up to here with watching South African artists struggle to make ends meet during the pandemic. According to him, the South African government isn’t doing enough to help those in the entertainment industry stay alive during these difficult times.

This comes after a friend of his who is a depressed actor, contacted him to borrow an R100 just to buy some food.

“Spare a thought for many singers, comedians, actors, dancers, and musicians, that is those who rely on live theatre to survive. “Many have not received an income in two years. The government does not seem to give a sh*t,” he said in an online post.

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Where is the money? The comedian wants answers

Speaking to TshisaLive, Marc expressed how heartbroken he is over the fact that money was set aside to aid the country’s art industry, but unfortunately, a lot of it was stolen and ill-divided:

“Most have not been able to earn a cent for two years. Money was set aside for artists after the pandemic it was stolen. Sadly, most of us were not in shock. We just looked on with usual disgust,” said Marc.

He also went on to say that people in art are treated as the “stepchild” of the nation while saying that COVID-19 is “not the only killer” here in Mzansi.

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