Mampintsha’s tragic death has left his family in a financial state. Image via Twitter @Fresh_Trends

Mampintsha’s sister asks fans to help with mom’s medical bills

Mampintsha’s sudden death left his family in a financial state even after receiving R320 000 assistance from government to host his funeral.


Mampintsha’s tragic death has left his family in a financial state. Image via Twitter @Fresh_Trends

Mampintsha’s mother suffered a stroke and was hospitalsed shorty after laying her son to rest on 30 December. Mampintsha succumbed to a stroke at Durdoc Hospital on 24 December. His sister appealed to the community to assist her with their mother’s hospital bills.


Mampintsha’s mother is not well and was carried to Wentworth government hospital in Durban, Daily Sun reported.

Speaking in the report, the Kwaito singer’s sister Pinky Gumede said her mother had many illnesses including psychological problems. She expressed that before her brother’s death, Mampintsha was the one taking care of their mother’s medical costs. But now that the Big Nuz‘s lead vocalist has passed way, the financial burden has fallen onto her.  

Quoted by the report, Pinky said, “I don’t have money to do that.”

According to ZiMoja, Mampintsha’s mother Zamanguni Gumede’s health deteriorated soon after her son Mandla Maphumulo succumbed to a stroke and died a few weeks ago. Zamanguni reportedly found herself in hospital shortly after her son’s funeral.  She is reportedly unable to walk nor speak.

“We had to help her to walk. But now she is worse. The doctor says her liver has been affected and she also has been diagnosed with a stroke. But her stroke is not bad, she will not be disabled If she takes her medication. She has not been able to eat properly and that is affecting how she takes her medication.”

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According to the report, Pinky called on the public to help her with financial costs for her and Mampintsha’s mother’s medical bills.

Pinky expressed that her brother’s death has affected her mother in an enormous way. Since Zamanguni’s stroke, she has reportedly not been in the right state of mind and regularly asks for Mampinthsa.

“Even now she is still asking for Mandla and I’ve had to tell her that he is at the airport,” ZiMoja quoted Pinky as saying.

“She needs a private hospital and a psychologist to help her deal with the trauma, so she can move on. At the moment we do not have money to give her special health care and we are. appealing for help,” the report quoted Mampintsha’s sister as saying.

Pinky shared that she already spends R140 on her daily trips to check on her mother at hospital and said her funds were rapidly depleting by the day.

Mampintsha’s death has affected his family physically, mentally and financially. Image via Twitter @ubetoo


In the report, Pinky communicated that she had not contacted Bongekile ‘Babes Wodumo’ Simelane or any of the Simelane family to ask them for financial assistance in the matter as she did not want to appear as though she was harassing them.

Pinky believed that the Simelane family was aware that Mampintsha’s mother was in hospital but they seemingly have not reached out.

Before she was hospitalised, Zamanguni bashed Babes Wodumo, saying that her qqom queen daughter in-law was mourning Mampintsha incorrectly after she saw her rushing back to work and attending gigs.

In another story by The South Africa, Mampintsha’s friend called out the Kwazulu-Natal government for throwing an extravagant funeral for the start. The event planner voiced that he knew Mampintsha very well and said that the singer would have preferred the R320 000 that was donated to his funeral be rather donated to his son Songe’s education.

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