Makhadzi pregnant

Is Makhadzi pregnant?
Image via Twitter

Mama Makhadzi: Is SA’s favourite Limpopo hitmaker pregnant?

Photos of Makhadzi sporting a cute baby bump have gone viral on social media. Are congratulatory messages in order for the Limpopo queen?

Makhadzi pregnant

Is Makhadzi pregnant?
Image via Twitter

South African social media users have been left with raised eyebrows after a photo of local songstress Makhadzi with a huge belly started circulating online. Many evidently cannot believe their eyes and have shared a ton of congratulatory messages with the successful Limpopo hitmaker.

A few have however questioned whether or not the pic has been photoshopped and if the pregnancy is real…

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Pregnant Makhadzi goes viral

Fans of local singer Makhadzi were left wide-eyed after photos of the musician sporting a huge belly started circulating online.

In the snaps, the Ghanama hitmaker smiles proudly as she holds on to the large belly that appears to be around eight months along.

This snap of a very pregnant Makhadzi has gone viral. Image via Facebook: MakhadziSA

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Judging by the picture quality nothing seems amiss and this has resulted in many wishing the songbird a healthy pregnancy.

“Pregnancy looks good on you khazinator, congratulations to the coming twins,” wrote one fan while another said:

“You look beautiful in this pregnancy.”

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A trick and a half

Judging by those comments, Makhadzi certainly managed to pull a trick on many who sincerely believe that she is expecting.

According to a Facebook post by the 25-year-old, she is not actually pregnant but rather releasing two songs.

“I am not pregnant but my album is pregnant,” she wrote in a hashtag underneath the photoshopped image of herself.

Meanwhile, those who caught on, have laughed heartily at how she was able to fool so many.

Others jokingly asked her to make things clearer next time while some pointed out that just a few week ago she was spotted at the Metro FM Awards with a flat tummy.

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