Makhadzi builds her fourth house

Makhadzi shows off her fourth house
Image via Twitter

Makhadzi builds four homes – one for herself – and celebrates new album

Makhadzi is celebrating her latest achievements: Building her fourth house – this time for herself after gifting her family with the other homes – and the release of her upcoming album, titled ‘African Queen’.

Makhadzi builds her fourth house

Makhadzi shows off her fourth house
Image via Twitter

Makhadzi is a proud new homeowner! 

The 25-year-old singer has received praise from her fans and celebrity pals after bragging about her latest achievement on social media

What’s even more impressive is that this is the star’s fourth home!


Makhadzi posted a picture of herself in her classy new crib. She is pictured beaming from ear to ear as she sits in her modern kitchen

“The first time I entered my house  I took this picture. My dream came true and I am proud of myself. 

The Limpopo-born star went on to reveal that the home is actually her fourth, after she gifted the first three to her parents and grandmother.

“I built my grandmother a house with a garden just because my mom and father separated. I decided to not choose, but  to build them two different houses.

“Hey listen! I am 25 years old and I managed to build 4 houses.  House building congratulations to myself. I’M 25 AND THIS IS MY FOURTH HOUSE

Makhadzi’s selfless act was rooted in her desire to see her parents and grandmother “living a better life”.

“My dream was to see my parents and my grandmother living a better life, I didn’t care about wearing expensive clothes but to make sure that all my family have a place to sleep and hide hunger and god chose me to make a difference. 

“When you pray and work hard everything is possible.

Makhadzi was inundated with well-wishes from her fans and celebrities like Pearl Modiadie, DJ Zinhle and Terry Pheto


It’s not just a brand spanking new home Makhadzi is celebrating…come 3 September 2021, the Venda singing sensation will be dropping her new album titled African Queen too!

The new collection of music will star her hit song Ganama as well as other tracks featuring hitmakers Kabza de Small, Prince Benza and Mr Brown.

Shortly before the release of the album, the star will host a listening party where she will give fans a glimpse into what they can expect from the hot release.

And it’s likely to be a success too – her last album offering Kokovha was named the most streamed Mzansi female album on Apple Music in South Africa in 2021!