Master KG's relationship with Makhadzi

Master KG with Makhadzi. Image from Instagram@masterkgsa

Makhadzi may miss Metro FM Music Awards – report

With Makhadzi scheduled to perform in Zambia, her presence at the Metro FM Music Awards in Mbombela is in doubt.

Master KG's relationship with Makhadzi

Master KG with Makhadzi. Image from Instagram@masterkgsa

As contract woes between Makhadzi and Open Mic Production continue, reports suggest she will miss the Metro FM Music Awards in Mbombela on Saturday evening.

With the award-winning singer tipped to walk away with the Best Female Artist of The Year award at the Metro FM Awards, her presence is in doubt.

ZiMoja reports that Makhadzi is set to headline a gig in Zambia, keeping her from accepting the award should she win.

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Speaking anonymously to ZiMoja, an insider revealed that the singer would most likely spill the tea about the record label’s dubious dealings during the acceptance.

The source said: “She is booked in Zambia, so she doesn’t get to accept the awards, and if she chooses to cancel the booking, she will have to pay dearly, and she is in no financial position to do so. She is the headline act of a gig that is worth millions, and she can’t just leave to go and accept an award.”

However, it seems that Makhadzi has already revealed her woes with the record label on her social media platforms.

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Taking to social media, Makadzi revealed how she had been enslaved by the record label for three years.

“In these three years, I dropped four albums. I have never received any cent from my sales. Some of my albums reached platinum and some gold and a lot of hit songs that reached platinum and gold. But I continue to work without complaining,” Makhadzi said.

She also said she hadn’t received any money from her smash hits and albums during her three-year contract.

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Amidst the contract woes, Makhadzi has since launched her own record label, Makhadzi Entertainment.

However, it has been reported that she is still contracted to Open Mic Productions despite doing so.

Leaked information has it that there are several clauses in her contract that tie her to the record label even if she doesn’t renew her contract.