French city asks Madonna to “loan’ painting
Image via Jimmy Fallon Show

Madonna’s ‘new face’ shocks fans: ‘What has she done to herself?’

‘She needs to bow out for her own sake’: Madonna’s millions of fans are concerned that the singer ‘can’t accept she is getting old’.


French city asks Madonna to “loan’ painting
Image via Jimmy Fallon Show

US pop star Madonna seemingly loves to stir a bit of controversy on social media and has once again managed to do so. Taking to TikTok this time, the singer shared a short clip of herself looking all sorts of weird with puffed-up lips and sharp cheekbones.

While it appears the star may have been making use of a filter, many of her fans flocked to the comment section to voice their concern over the legendary musician and what appears to have a growing obsession with her looks.

Madonna concerns fans with new TikTok clip

Over the last year or so, Madonna has ruffled quite a few feathers on social media with her often risque content. Just last year, the 63-year-old went viral after posing topless and showing off her backside on Instagram.

It appears she cannot get enough of the attention and has once again caused a stir online after sharing a short clip on TikTok of herself looking quite strange.

In the clip that was shared shortly before the Grammy Awards ceremony on Sunday, the icon has milky green eyes, puffy lips, and unusually big cheekbones.

She is seen wearing a sheer black top with no bra underneath, an array of chains on her chest, while her hair is plait in single braids as she leans in towards the camera in the selfie-styled video.

Odd: Set to music, Madonna appears in the selfie-style clip with a face morphing filter that appeared to comically enhance her features with oversized cheekbones and puffy lips
Madonna’s ‘new look’ has been criticised by TikTokers. Image via TikTok: @madonna

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Fans are ‘unsettled’

The clip garnered over 8.8 million views already and also has thousands of comments from fans who are mostly concerned about the Material Girl singer’s mental health.

A number of them remarked that Madonna is refusing to grow old and as a result is making a mockery of herself. Read some of their comments below:

Michele Marsh wrote:

“Can’t she accept she is getting old? I wouldn’t even recognize her if she walked by.”

army1 wrote:

“The woman has become very sad and needs to bow out now for her own sake.”

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