Madonna has been hospitalised. Images via Instagram: @madonna

‘I was not circumcised’: Madonna makes a confusing confession

Madonna’s fans are concerned that the 64-year-old musician may be going down a rabbit hole after she posted a confusing story on Instagram.


Madonna has been hospitalised. Images via Instagram: @madonna

American singer-songwriter Madonna took to her Instagram account on Thursday 20 October to reveal that she has never had a circumcision.

This left a lot of people confused as the procedure that she is referring to is only done to males when removing their genitalia after birth – reports Page Six.

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Page Six explained that the “Hung Up” songstress posted a series of selfies of her wearing pink sunglasses, a yellow and black mesh top, and see-through blue skirt while sipping on a glass of white wine.

The 64-year-old wrote, “I have a confession to make,” over a black screen on her Instagram story. The four Instagram stories ended up reading, “I am not circumcised”.

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Fans are confused by Madonna’s latest Instagram story. Screenshots via Instagram stories: @madonna

Her fans seem to be concerned for the singer and are hoping that she gets the help she needs.


“WOW, she is really messed up, I feel for her. Hope she gets out of that thing whatever it is soon. Yeah it’s okay to have fun and have a young heart but she goes to the darkness of extreme. Scary, it’s like at that age some go into their 2nd childhood. lol,” wrote Gennie on the comments section of Page Six

“At 64 she just might be running out of controversies to keep her in the public eye. She should also lay off crack,” said Lesgaux Brendon.

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“If Madonna’s trying to start sex change rumours, like there were about Lady Gaga, it won’t work. Everybody has seen photos of Madonna naked, that bush was famous back in the day,” wrote Kenny O’Reilly.

Really said, “I must be getting old. I don’t see the relevancy of taking off a skirt and wrapping it around your head to equate to male circumcision”.

What do you think? Is this Madonna’s desperate attempt for attention or she is simply expressing herself?

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