Luis Munana

‘Young Famous and African’ star Luis Munana. Images via Instagram @luismunana

‘We don’t talk unless someone’s ill or dying’: Luis Munana on family

#YoungFamousandAfrican star Luis Munana speaks candidly about his strained relationship with his family due to their church’s rigid rules.

Luis Munana

‘Young Famous and African’ star Luis Munana. Images via Instagram @luismunana

Namibian model, businessman and reality TV star Luis Munana touched on his strained relationship with his family in the second season of the Netflix hit series Young Famous and African.

The former Big Brother Africa contestant opened up a bit more during his recent interview with News24, revealing that the there is very little communication between him and his family due to the strict religious rules.

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In the show, Luis told his co-star Andile Ncube that he was excommunicated from his family’s religious organisation after having sex with a Big Brother Africa housemate when he was on the reality competition show in season nine.

Speaking to News24, he said: “We don’t communicate unless someone is ill or dying. But I do know they love me, and I love them.”

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Luis explained that his religious organisation requires members to lead by example and to adhere to the rules. Anyone who breaks the rules has to “repent and change their ways.” He adds that having sex on national TV is taboo and frowned upon.

“I was given a chance to say that I could leave that life behind and, by that, anything considered worldly. But, aside from that incident on Big Brother Africa, I did other things that are considered worldly.”

Luis also works as a model and owns an MCC (sparkling wine).

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‘Young Famous African’ star Luis Munana. Images via Instagram @luismunana.


As a result of his “worldly” lifestyle, he is not allowed to socialise with anybody who is part of the organisation.

“I’m not allowed to step into the homes or be in their presence,” he says.

“That also means that I cannot go to my childhood home, and I cannot go to my siblings’ homes because they are still active members of the organisation.”

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The organisation believes that if his family associates with him they are “sinning against God” and that would not put them in the organisation’s good books.

However, he says that he knows that they love him

“I don’t have any ill feelings towards them,” Luis says.