Hlubi Nkosi's car collection

Hlubi Nkosi flaunts new BMW. Image from Instagram@thepopcornroom

Londie London’s ex-husband Hlubi Nkosi flaunts new BMW [watch]

Londie London’s ex-husband Hlubi Nkosi has added a new BMW X6 to his fleet, which boasts a Range Rover and Lamborghini Urus.

Hlubi Nkosi's car collection

Hlubi Nkosi flaunts new BMW. Image from Instagram@thepopcornroom

Hlubi Nkosi has been making headlines lately, from DNA woes with ex-wife Londie London to splurging millions on a BMW.

No doubt his controversial life has fast become a typical reality show. Nkosi recently purchased a new BMW X6.

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Taking to Instagram, The Popcorn Room shared videos of Nkosi driving out of a dealership with his new car. This is his latest purchase after he splurged millions on a Range Rover in 2022.

Hlubi Nkosi’s new BMW. Video from The Popcorn Room

The BMW is the latest addition to his fleet. Nkosi also owns a Lamborghini Urus and Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.

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To cap his life of glitz and glamour, he has blessed himself with some of the finest cars the world can offer.

He also repossessed his BMW from Londie London after their nasty fallout.

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The two have been topping trends for the wrong reasons in the wake of their fallout. London and Nkosi recently had DNA tests done for their firstborn, and Nkosi doubts his paternity.

The Popcorn Room posted: ‘The DNA results are out. It is alleged that Londie London’s firstborn child is indeed NOT Hlubi’s Nkosi son. A close source has revealed this as the main reason why Londie was sent packing from Hlubi’s mansion.

The white BMW that was given to her by the ex-fiancé was also confiscated following rumours of infidelity. Your thoughts Spyros.’

However, after its post, London rubbished the daring rumour. The reality star commented: ‘Niyenze nobani leyo DNA???? Where is it ?????’

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