Londie London

Londie London got two new cars in less than a month. Images via @londie_london_official/Instagram

Londie warned about ‘security agencies’ after bae buys another car

‘Google Hawks, SIU,’: Londie London has been warned about showing off the fancy cars which were bought by her alleged scammer boyfriend.

Londie London

Londie London got two new cars in less than a month. Images via @londie_london_official/Instagram

South African reality TV star Londie London left her fans with their jaws dropped after she headed online to share that her boyfriend has bought her a second luxury car in the space of a month. The cars come shortly after the rapper ad influencer showed off photos of the lavish home she just moved into.

The excessive flaunting of wealth has left social media users concerned that she may be attracting the wrong kinds of attention. Many warned her that security agencies such as the Hawks may soon swoop in.

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Londie London’s warned about getting the wrong attention

It’s been quite a few last months for former Real Housewives of Durban star Londie London.

She received a lot of sympathy from her fans following a breakup from KwaZulu-Natal businessman Hlubi Nkosi who reportedly kicked her out of his home and took his luxury car back from her.

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Her luck seemingly turned around shortly afterwards and she announced that she was venturing into the hair braids business.

She then posted snaps of a new house and a video of herself fetching the luxury BMW which was reportedly a gift from her new boyfriend — a businessman and alleged conman known only as Mabonga.

Londie London car
Londie London’s new boyfriend just bought her a car. Images via Twitter/Instagram: @siya94/@londielondon

This week, Londie shocked many after unveiling another BMW which was also a gift from her man.

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The ops are watching?

Her post has left social media users very suspicious about how Mabonga makes his money — especially since he has been accused of scamming people.

Others have warned Londie to be careful about flaunting their wealth in case security agencies like Hawks and SIU catch wind.

“@TheLondieLondon Londie bby, this is the real world. While it’s true that some ppl are jealous, it’s also true that buying two cars and a house months apart puts security agency spotlights on uNijola namadoda who should be laying low because of how they make their money. Google Hawks, SIU,” wrote one person who later deleted the tweet.

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