Zahara's sisters accused of vandalism

Zahara’s sisters. Image credit: YouTube

‘R300k in damages’: Zahara’s sisters accused of vandalising star’s Roodepoort house

Zahara’s sisters accused of vandalising the star’s Little Falls mansion in Roodepoort. The damages reportedly amounts to over R300 000.

Zahara's sisters accused of vandalism

Zahara’s sisters. Image credit: YouTube

Zahara’s sisters, Lumka Mkutukana and Bandezwa Mkutukana-Febana, are again making headlines for the wrong reasons. Last week, they made headlines after it was established that they were selling Zahara’s furniture and other valuables after being evicted from her house.


Undoubtedly, the mega sale was a shocker to many. Confirmed reports have it that photos of Zahara’s furniture are circulating WhatsApp with price tags attached. On the other hand, the rumour mill has it that Zahara’s sisters also listed her awards for sale.

However, rumour mill has it that her sisters approached some of Zahara’s former clients and friends to buy some of her furniture before putting the rest on a mega sale. 

Against the news, one of Zahara’s close friends told Sunday World, “They are selling absolutely everything without even consulting her elders at home. That furniture is way too expensive for what they are selling it for. They … really don’t care about her legacy.”

Barely a few days after being evicted, Zahara’s sisters are trending after being accused of vandalism. Reports have it that they vacated the house on Friday night.

However, confirmed reports have that they also left some of Zahara’s clothes scattered around the house. Close sources to the new owner have it that the sisters left Zahara’s Little Falls mansion in Roodepoort in an ugly state.


The late singer’s sisters are said to have vandalised her lush house, prompting the new owner to open a criminal case against Zahara’s sisters.

Reports allege that the sisters trashed the residence and stole a built-in stove. They also allegedly removed the ceiling, and a wooden double garage door broke the front gate and left a poo in the pool.

A close source confirmed the incident and revealed that the new owner is weighing options before pursuing legal action.

The agent told Sunday World, “They have caused damage that easily amounts to over R300 000. However, they stayed at this house rent-free for over six months. What kind of thanks is this? Who does this to someone else’s property?”

However, reports have it that Zahara’s sisters left the house during the day and later returned at night to leave a trail of distraction.

“It makes no sense what they did there. It just screams of anger and ungratefulness. The owner is within his rights to open a case and is currently weighing his options,” the agent said.