Eva Modika hosting

Eva Modika. Images: Instagram @evamodika

‘You don’t need talent’: Eva Modika reveals the biggest secret in club hosting

Reality star Eva Modika is trending after she revealed the biggest secret in club hosting as she switches the floor to DJying.

Eva Modika hosting

Eva Modika. Images: Instagram @evamodika

Reality TV star and DJ Eva Modika pulled a shocker when she revealed that she has decided to stop club and event hosting.

No doubt, with a career spanning years, she has quickly become one of the most celebrated club hostesses in South Africa, but she has called it quits.


Over the years, she has hosted several clubs around the world. The news has since thrust her into the top trends, with many trying to connect the dots about why she is quitting. However, Eva Modika said she had outgrown ‘hosting’ and needed to spread her wings.

She told Sunday World, “Most artists do not like club hosts because they sometimes get more money than them. I guess everyone noticed that club hosting has a lot of money. And you don’t need any talent to be a host. You need to know your story to become a successful club host. It’s basically about who you are bringing.”

The reality star also revealed that there was less gatekeeping in hosting. After calling it quits, Eva Modika shared one of the biggest secrets about club hosting. Modika has it that to be successful, one should be able to bring the ‘big spenders’ to the club and make sure it’s jam-packed.


Eva Modika has since found her foot in the music industry as a DJ and has been busy and booked. She is undoubtedly a jill of all trades and knows how to secure the bag.

She joins a host of celebrated female celebrities who have switched the floor to DJying, including Pearl Thusi and celebrity sangoma Gogo Skhotheni. Eva Modika has it that an EP is also on the cards. Little is known about when she will drop it, but she has made it known that she featured some of SA’s finest.

Speaking to the media, she said, “When I went into DJing, so many people had doubts and would say female DJs can’t play. I will be releasing my own music [an EP], which will feature some big artists and vocalists. The sound is international, and I play Afro-tech with a bit of African drums.”


She had her shot to fame as a news anchor for Sedibeng FM in 2013. Against her newfound fame, she spread her wings to hosting and became one of the best in the business.

Eva Modika co-produced and starred in Diamonds and Dolls, a Showmax reality. She is a businesswoman with several business portfolios under her watch.