Dr Malinga Shebeshxt's daughter's funeral

Rapper Shebeshxt. Images: X @viraltrends

WATCH: Dr Malinga vlogs at Shebeshxt’s daughter’s funeral, SA shocked

Dr Malinga is making headlines after his vlogs at Shebeshxt’s daughter’s funeral made rounds on the internet.

Dr Malinga Shebeshxt's daughter's funeral

Rapper Shebeshxt. Images: X @viraltrends

Dr Malinga is making headlines after he shared a clip from Shebeshxt’s daughter’s funeral. The muso took a video during the funeral, but Mzansi was unhappy.

The video, which the celebrity blog MDN News also shared, has gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped.


Mzansi was quick to swipe at Dr Malinga for trying to make content from the funeral. Against the post, fans quickly flooded social media with their two cents.

A concerned X user commented, “The Internet exposes everything, but that’s today’s lifestyle. My deepest condolences to the family during these struggling times. My prayers are with them.”

Another user posted, “Such a shame that cameras are part of society now.” Some made it known it was somehow weird. A concerned user commented, “Very weird and umdala.”

Shebeshxt’s nine-year-old daughter, Onthatile Chuene, died last week in a car accident. The fatal accident occurred on the R37 road near Smelters Mine outside Polokwane.

She was travelling with her father, who also had to headline a rally. However, this is the second time he has been involved in a near-fatal accident this year. Earlier this year, in January, Shebeshxt was involved in an accident.

The star shared photos of his wrecked Golf GTI and expressed gratitude for being alive. Taking to Instagram, he posted, “Otherwise, ‘ke rata kereke I’m blessed by G.O.D!’ Thank you, Lordddsxhta!”


However, earlier that month, he had fans concerned after he revealed on Instagram that there were people after him. Shebeshxt posted, “They hired people to kill me. Pray for me.” Barely a few days after the accident, Shebeshxt purchased a new Golf.

Earlier this year, “prophets” and sangomas warned him about people plotting to take his life. A famous sangoma, Mkhulu Qheba, warned the rapper to be careful. He claimed that he saw a vision of a woman putting muti in Shebeshxt’s food while he was at a gig in Vaal.

However, against his claims, another “prophet” urged fans to pray for him. The prophet revealed that “there are people who are after his life” because of a deal he would sign. Before his thrust into the limelight, Shebeshxt was involved in crime.

“Honestly, I stopped doing crime. I used to do it to feed my child. I didn’t steal cars. However, I used to go where others couldn’t. Honestly, I wanted money. I could enter a store and shoplift with a gun or knife. I would carry big knives. It wasn’t only shoplifting. I stole things. I mugged people, I had a lot of phones,” he said during an interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG.