Vusi Nova Zahara

Vusi Nova with Zahara. Image: Screenshot from YouTube

Vusi Nova defends Zahara’s sisters following furniture sale reports

Vusi Nova has addressed reports that Zahara’s sisters, Bandezwa and Lumka, are selling the late singer’s furniture.

Vusi Nova Zahara

Vusi Nova with Zahara. Image: Screenshot from YouTube

Musician Vusi Nova, who is late singer Zahara’s best friend, has rubbished reports that the songstress’ sisters put her furniture up for sale.

This comes after Sunday World reported that the Loliwe hitmaker’s sisters – Bandezwa Mkutukana-Febana and Lumka Mkutukana – are selling the late star’s bedroom suite, lounge suite, kitchen supplies, flat-screen TV, double-door fridge and her awards.


Speaking to TshisaLIVE about the reports, Vusi Nova said they were not true.

“It is untrue that the family is selling the furniture and awards, I mean who’ll buy those family treasures (awards) and how will they be sold? No, people must respect her and let her rest in peace,” he said.

Zahara – real name Bulelwa Mkutukana – passed away at a Johannesburg hospital on 11 December 2023 after spending almost three weeks in the intensive care unit (ICU). She was laid to rest on 23 December in East London.

“It’s difficult, but it’s what it is … with regards to the house, we tried to keep it but it was costly just to maintain it and so we just had to let it go. Our relationship day-to-day, I’m always there for them. I’ve been assisting them and will continue doing that,” Vusi Nova added.


In 2022 the multi-platinum-selling artist was on the verge of losing her townhouse as a result of defaulting on her monthly instalments of R17 665, 40. Nedbank, which had given her a R1.9 million loan, was set to auction off her home to the highest bidder.

After going public, Zahara’s fans donated towards her debt. She also received assistance from political party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Unfortunately, it was not enough as her house was auctioned in October. The new owner gave the musician some time to buy the house back, but she passed before doing so.


In April this year, the artist’s family revealed that they would be hosting a benifit concert to raise funds to buy back the house. However, the concert was later postponed indefinitely.

According to TshisaLIVE, Bandezwa said they had not been able to secure a venue or funding for the event.

“It’s not going to happen now. We can’t get to the community hall and there have been so many challenges. Zahara fought for her house while she was still alive, throughout her career that’s what she managed to hold on to. Also, to us, that was like home, that’s why we wanted to keep it because it’s got so many memories for us with her in it. It’s part of her legacy, we do not really want to lose it,” she said.

The Dispatch Live reported that Bandezwa had already booked Orient Theatre, in East London, however, they had not yet paid for it. 

The show was scheduled to be hosted by former Scandal! actress Lusanda Mbane. It would have featured artists Khanyisa Sabuka, Butho Vuthela, Ivory Sikepe, Nathi Mankayi and Zahara’s best friend Vusi Nova.