Gareth Cliff and Jacob Zuma

Gareth Cliff and MK Party leader, Jacob Zuma. Images via Instagram/@grcliff, X/@ZAnewsflash

‘I would vote MK’: Gareth Cliff chooses Zuma over Zibi, Ramaphosa, Malema

Radio presenter Gareth Cliff has angered some, including a former DA member, following his sentiments on Jacob Zuma’s MK Party.

Gareth Cliff and Jacob Zuma

Gareth Cliff and MK Party leader, Jacob Zuma. Images via Instagram/@grcliff, X/@ZAnewsflash

Media personality and businessman Gareth Cliff has surprised many with his sentiments on Jacob Zuma’s newly formed political party uMkhonto weSizwe (MK Party) just under a week before the elections.

On Wednesday 29 May, approximately 28 million South African registered voters will cast their ballots in the national and provincial elections.


According to Cliff (who is a former Idols SA judge) if he only had to choose between the African National Congress (ANC), Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Rise Mzansi and the MK Party, he would vote for the latter.

“If you gave me only a choice of voting for Rise Mzansi, ANC, MK Party or EFF; I would vote for MK. I’m not joking,” Cliff’s post read on X (formerly Twitter).

Like the MK Party, Rise Mzansi is a new political organisation. The party was founded in April 2023 and is led by Songezo Zibi – a former newspaper editor and co-founder of the Rivonia Circle.

As the country takes to the polls in the seventh democratic general election next week, the current president, Cyril Ramaphosa, will be hoping to return to office for a second term. Meanwhile, other opposition parties, including the EFF – led by Julius Malema – will be hoping to become the ruling party.


Cliff’s sentiments divided X, as the MK Party supporters celebrated, while others were angered.

Former Democratic Alliance member of parliament, Phumzile Van Damme, said: “Aw, poor you. Did Rise (Mzansi) hurt your feelings that bad? You now must throw a tantrum and threaten to vote MK? Good luck with voting for MK or whoever you are voting for. No one truly cares what you do with your vote. Vote for a cat as President if you like & still, no one will care.”

In response, Cliff sarcastically asked: “Who are you?”

The exchange continued as Van Damme replied: “Your Mum. This is the www baby & you’re on stage rn bottom lip pouting, arms crossed, foot stamping “I wote MK.”[sic] I know you think you’re a public intellectual & your opinions are brave & stunning. Telling you it ain’t so, bro. You’re a dime a dozen histrionic edgelord. Block me.”


In February, the shock jock shocked many when he praised the MK Party’s policy. This came after Zuma’s speech while addressing a crowd of supporters in Maqongqo, outside Pietermaritzburg, wherein he touched on teenage pregnancy and education.

During his speech, the 82-year-old former president denounced teenage pregnancy and said girls who fall pregnant will be sent to Robben Island to complete their school education.

“According to the law, a child should not give birth to a child. That’s not life. It’s a disease. We will end it,” he said.

He further said his party would reintroduce corporal punishment to enforce discipline.

“No child will call police on parents,” he said, adding that his party will do away with Roman-Dutch law and will provide free education.