Kaizer Chiefs Jabu Pule mansion

Kaizer Chiefs Jabu Pule mansion

‘This is my house’: Kaizer Chiefs legend Jabu Pule Mahlangu shows off his mansion [video]

Kaizer Chiefs legend Jabu Pule Mahlangu showed off his mansion while drinking a cold beer on a Sunday evening.

Kaizer Chiefs Jabu Pule mansion

Kaizer Chiefs Jabu Pule mansion

Kaizer Chiefs legend Jabu Pule Mahlangu showed off his house/mansion over the weekend.

Jabu Pule is known primarily for his days at the Chiefs with the number 11 at the back of his jersey.

He was a drilling wizard that not many defenders would want to face daily.

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He would take on several defenders in his best form until he finished with a goal or assist.

He was that good until he started struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, and that took much from his game.

Such news broke many fans’ hearts as they could not see the best of Jabu Pule.

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Some were even worried about his life after football since he was on drugs, but it seemed he was living reasonably well.

He shared his mansion on his Instagram, boldly claiming to tell doubting fans.

“This is my house 🍻”

Kaizer Chiefs Jabu Pule mansion
Jabu Pule. image via Instagram @jabumahlangu12


What the legendary winger did impressed many fans as he claimed nobody could stop him from drinking at his house.

Many fans got his point that nobody could give him the rules of whether or not to drink at his house.

Even though he was more focused on the beer, he showed his mansion in the process.

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Many fans also noticed how beautiful it looked; with a table outside, grey in colour, it looked good.

From previous videos, Jabu Pule’s alleged mansion is a double-story with a brown door.

There is also a small garden at the front of the mansion, which looks like the neighbourhood has good houses.


After the Kaizer Chiefs legend, Jabu Pule shared videos of his mansion, many fans loved it,

Some responded to his beer-drinking video but were all happy to see Jabu Pule living quite well.

ericmatumule “It’s your home, bro not only a house and it is yours!!!!!! I wish you everything of the best 🔥🔥👏”

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mabhikie “My house ,my rules😂😂🙌”

chef_mkosibusiso_sgora “shayi 🍻 boyzin you home and safe i like and it’s only 1”

ndaba_kankosi “It’s your house you can drink if you want too you old enough to make your own decisions”