Gcinile Twala Grootman

Gcinile Twala with Grootman. Image: Ubetoo

Social media baddie Gcinile Twala goes after Grootman

Influencer Gcinile Twala has taken urgent legal action against her ex-boyfriend Themba ‘Grootman’ Selahle.

Gcinile Twala Grootman

Gcinile Twala with Grootman. Image: Ubetoo

Social media influencer and makeup artist Gcinile Twala is making headlines after urgently taking legal action against her ex-boyfriend Themba ‘Grootman’ Selahle, who allegedly leaked their intimate video.

Social media was abuzz last week after Gcinile’s intimate video with Grootman made rounds on X, formerly Twitter.


The video was leaked barely a few weeks after the two seemingly confirmed their fallout. Gcinile has secured a temporary court interdict against Grootman. The two will appear in court in July.

However, the proposed final order includes interdicting and restraining Grootman from posting Gcinile’s photos or videos. It also prohibited Grootman from publishing, circulating, or disclosing any pictures or videos of Gcinile Twala engaging in sexual activities or a nude state.

However, the controversial forex trader was also ordered to stop communicating or contacting Gcinile Twala in any manner that threatened or intimidated her. Additionally, Grootman was ordered to cover the costs of the interdict. However, the hearing for a permanent court order is scheduled for July.

Against legal action, Grootman made it known that Gcinile might catch lawsuits as she tries to get him arrested. He took a swipe at Gcinile’s lawyer after she leaked his private contact details. Grootman has it that he has been receiving calls from strangers.

Earlier this month, controversial blogger and gossipmonger Musa Khawula shared screenshots Gcinile had posted on Instagram detailing her woes. She revealed that Grootman demanded that she return everything he had bought for her within four days, or there would be trouble.

Barely a few weeks after his threats, their intimate video leaked. However, several groups have since shown Gcinile support amid her woes. However, Gcinile Twala has since deactivated her social media accounts.


Woman for Change has since called for justice on social media. On the other hand non-profit organisation (NPO) has urged people to show the troubled makeup artists some love.

NPO said, “Let us use our voice to condemn GBVF and demand justice. This heinous act of revenge porn is not only a gross violation of privacy but also a deeply traumatising experience for Gcinile Twala.

“We demand justice for Gcinile. Grootman must be arrested and held accountable for his actions. We call on law enforcement, policymakers, and community leaders to take a stand against revenge porn and all forms of gender-based violence,” said the non-profit organisation.