bonang, SAA

Bonang has called out SAA over ‘terrible’ service.
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‘Awful airlines’: Bonang puts SAA on blast over ‘terrible’ service

Media personality Bonang Matheba has called out SAA again over what she claims is ‘terrible’ service. Here’s what happened…

bonang, SAA

Bonang has called out SAA over ‘terrible’ service.
Images via Instagram:

Not for the first time, Bonang Matheba has called out airline South African Airways (SAA) over what she claims is “terrible” service.

The media personality shared her views in a tweet on Sunday, 16. June


In her tweet, Bonang posted: “…your crusty airplanes should probably remain grounded. Terrible day. Awful airline. Do better @flysaa”

She added: “THE ABSOLUTE WORST! I can’t believe this”.

The 26-year-old hinted that the airline had caused her family “pain” after a recent flying experience.

Over the years, Bonang has had a love-hate relationship with the local airline.

In April 2023, the businesswoman called out the airline for being “atrocious.”

Months later, she referred to SAA as “my faves” and her “bestie.”

In 2017, Bonang made headlines when she called out SAA over their food quality.

She tweeted: “We don’t like the couscous. Also that meal with the stew. Please hey. Also the funny cheese platter what what. Please”.

Instead of apologising, SAA shadily responded: “Hi, please note that other passengers enjoyed the meals.”

After calling them a “trash airline,” SAA was forced to do major damage control with a public apology to Bonang.


Bonang is not the only celebrity who has tweeted their frustration with SAA.

In 2018, the late rapper AKA put the airline on blast over their decision not to play South African music on flights. Although they promised to do better, SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali claimed that they had to consider all their passengers.

He told TshisaLive, “We support local content and will continue to carry it on our onboard platforms as part of our in-flight entertainment content. We are equally cognisant of the space in which we operate. We are a pan-African airline with a global footprint. This means we must accommodate the preferences of all our customers.”

Last year, Zikhona Sodlakawent on an X rant detailing how her luggage was damaged during a flight from SA to