Robbie Malinga Jr on 'Born Into Fame'

Robbie Malinga Jr on ‘Born Into Fame’. Image Supplied

‘I love the finer things in life’: Robbie Malinga Jr on ‘Born Into Fame’

Robbie Malinga Jr reveals that viewers will see his raw and emotional side on the Showmax reality series ‘Born Into Fame’.

Robbie Malinga Jr on 'Born Into Fame'

Robbie Malinga Jr on ‘Born Into Fame’. Image Supplied

Born Into Fame, a reality show that follows six ambitious young South Africans with famous parents, is now streaming on Showmax. The series zones into the kids as they try to carve their own paths and create their own success outside of their family legacies.


The cast includes AJ Mafokate and Owami Mafokate, who are both Arthur Mafokate’s children; Phila Madlingozi, who is the son of Ringo Madlingozi; Robbie Malinga Jr, who is the son of the late Robbie Malinga; Shamiso Mosaka, who is Azania Mosaka’s daughter; and Tank The Rockstar, who is DJ Tira’s son.


Malinga Jr opened up about being born into fame, describing it as a privilege because it is not a norm. The social media influencer said he acknowledges that it is a blessing and it is something that can help you spread light and reach your full potential. 

On the privileges of being born into fame, he said: “There are many privileges to being born into fame. For example, my father was famous and all that has been great, I am able to leverage from his success. Let’s say I need to do something – there are contacts that he may have made that I can use, so it is easier for me to connect with people because they know him,” he said

However, there are disadvantages too. For Malinga Jr, one of the biggest is getting excessive attention from the public eye.

“Even when it is not needed, there is always someone looking at you and your life. You become very recognisable, so you don’t have a lot of time when you can just have downtime,” he explained.

Because he has a famous producer father, Malinga, Jr is often labelled a “nepotism baby” or” nepo baby”.

“I get where they are coming from because that is how they see it, that is how it seems, but on the other side, it is a blessing that I did not choose for myself. God blessed me with this. But I still have to show up and do my own thing. I still put in the work – you can’t hide behind your parents’ success,” he said.


Malinga Jr is known for bring flashy. From showing off his cars and clothes to his humble abode.

“I have always been that type of person, that is my type of personality. I love the finer things in life and I love to experience them while I am still breathing and also, my dad was that type of person, he loved dope things and things that were nice, so growing up I used to see that from him and it was normal in our household.”


Whilst the Born Into Fame viewers will see Malinga Jr’s luxury lifestyle, they will also see his raw and emotional side.

“I was very open during filming – this is the most open I have been in all of my life. There was no acting, no putting on a show. You are going to see me as I am in my life. I was raw – in some instances, there were emotional times and viewers will see it.”

Being a cast member of Born Into Fame taught Malinga, Jr many things about himself, especially during his diary sessions.

“There were certain things I was asked that made me play back moments in my life from the beginning. It was like a psychology session, it made me really look at things, it was very dope. It was both healing and triggering, especially when I speak about my late dad. 

“All in all, it was fun and insightful. There are things I learned about myself that I would have not learned elsewhere.”