Vusi Nova gig

Vusi Nova. Images: Instagram @vusinova1

‘Refunded the full payment’: Vusi Nova on his ‘R170k’ missed gig

‘They are coming for the wrong person,’ Singer and songwriter Vusi Nova clears the air after missing one of his gigs.

Vusi Nova gig

Vusi Nova. Images: Instagram @vusinova1

Musician Vusi Nova allegedly owes to event organisers of the Cherry Festival in Ficksburg after he pulled a no-show. Vusi Nova reportedly owes the event organisers R170 000.

Rumour mill has it that the star was paid an upfront fee but later failed to show up for his gig. However, against the damming allegations, Vusi Nova has shared his side of the story.


Vusi Nova has wowed many with his star performances. Over the years, he has quickly become one of the most sought-after singers and has headlined several shows across the globe.

However, Vusi Nova said he missed his gig because he had an accident driving from Eastern Cape to Free State. He said he paid the alleged amount after missing out on the gig.

The accident was not serious, but he had to wait for the police to assist him. Vusi Nova has it that the delay caused him to fail to arrive at the gig on time, prompting him to pay the total amount they had paid him.

Responding to claims that he owed the event organisers R170 000, the muso made it known that he ‘refunded the full payment’ for the gig.

“I had an accident while driving from the Eastern Cape to the Free State. It wasn’t major, but we had to wait for the police, causing a delay. We couldn’t make it on time, and my life was on the line. I offered to return for the next show, humbly apologised, and refunded the full payment. I made sure to compensate them,” he said.

He revealed that the event organisers should instead request their money from the promoter, who charged them extra money for his show. “The promoter, who added their fee to what I was charging, is owing the organisers. I paid back what I received; she needs to pay them,” Vusi Nova added.


However, this is not the first time he has missed a gig due to incidents beyond his control. In 2019, the Vusi Nova missed his gig at the Macufe ( Mangaung African Cultural Festival) after he lost his voice.

Vusi Nova was booked to perform alongside several international stars, including Deborah Cox. Against the incident, he took to social media to reveal why he couldn’t perform at the show.

However, this was not his first accident. In 2020, he reportedly cheated death after being involved in a near-fatal accident on his way to the airport. In 2023, Vusi Nova and his bodyguards survived a car accident while attending a gig in the Vaal.