christall kay, real housewives ultimate girls trip

Christall Kay has debuted her 28 year-old husband.
Images via Instagram:

’28 year-old husband’: Christall Kay debuts ‘Ben 10’ [photos]

‘Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip’ star Christall Kay has finally given viewers a glimpse of her hunky ’28-year-old’ husband…

christall kay, real housewives ultimate girls trip

Christall Kay has debuted her 28 year-old husband.
Images via Instagram:

Real Housewives of Johannesburg and Ultimate Girls Trip star Christall Kay has finally shared pictures of her “28-year-old husband”.

The blonde reality TV star has bragged about bagging a younger lover in the hit Showmax series, which is currently streaming.

Christall was previously married to businessman Eddie Greef, whom she split from in 2019


In a recent episode of the Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip, Christall Kay revealed she was married to a 28 year-old man.

To the shock of the other housewives, she also shared details of their bedroom antics.

Speaking to her co-stars, who include Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco, Beverly Steyn, Nonku Williams, and Mel Viljoen, amongst others, she said: “My husband is 28 years old. We were married two years ago.

She boldly added: “He f***ed me every day, twice a day.”

In another scene, Christall Kay says of her two marriages: “One I married for friendship, and the second I married for sex. There is nothing wrong with getting married for that. It’s a very good reason.

“Sexual attraction is the main reason why you should get married.”

The revelation was met with shock from her co-stars who questioned the blonde businesswoman’s motives.

Christall added that while she wasn’t “legally married in the eyes of the government,” she and her partner had participated in a “religious ceremony,” which she believes sealed their nuptials.

@showmaxonline Let's be honest, friendship in marriage makes sense, Showmies.  #UltimateGirlsTripSA #WhatToWatch ♬ original sound – ShowmaxOnline

Later in the season it’s revealed that she meets another young lover during the trip. Christall and the man share a kiss onscreen.


With many Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip stars and viewers sceptical of her claims of a “Ben 10” lover, Christall Kay has taken to her Instagram to share “receipts.”

In a post, the singer shares a clip of her new single, Gone, which features visuals of the younger man.

In the video, Christall and the mystery shirtless man share a kiss.

“See all the pics of me and him”, she captioned in the post.

When one follower responded with her nickname “Barbie’s mother,” Christall added: “Married to a 28-year-old Ken”.

When another asked her if the tall, dark, and handsome man in the video was her partner, she responded: “I always bring the receipts.”

Take a look at photos of Christall Kay’s husband…