SARS Makhadzi

Makhadzi. Image: Instagram @makhadzisa

‘R6 million in unpaid taxes’ – SARS goes after Makhadzi

Award-winning musician Makhadzi is making headlines after the South African Revenue Service dragged her over R6 million in unpaid taxes

SARS Makhadzi

Makhadzi. Image: Instagram @makhadzisa

Over the years, Makhadzi has become one of the most celebrated musicians globally.

However, despite her fame, she is topping trends after it was reported that she owes the South African Revenue Services ( SARS) over R6 million since her shot into stardom.

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No doubt, she has fast become one of the most booked artists in South Africa and has headlined several international events. She has made a fortune from her work and is not shy to show for it.

In the backdrop of her tax woes, her previous management has been implicated in the mix. Open Mic has been blamed for the defaulted payments since she was signed under them.

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Her former manager, Rita Dee, has been allegedly accused of failing to help her with filing her taxes. The source told the media: “When she joined Open Mic, she was already owing and the debt accumulated.”

The source revealed that her properties have since been embroiled in the taxes, but she can not afford to lose them. “She cannot afford to have those taken away from her. So, she will fix it,” added the source.

Makhadzi owns several properties dotted around Limpopo and Johannesburg. A few months ago, she hogged headlines after buying a lush house in Fourways.

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Her new management repeatedly confirmed the news, saying they had already engaged the SARS to clear the debt. Makhadzi’s manager, Lucky Tshilimandila, said: “Yes, we acknowledge the debt. It goes back to 2016. Makhadzi currently has an arrangement with SARS.”

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