Nkosazana Daughter no-show

Nkosazana Daughter with Master KG. Image: Facebook@Nkosazana Daughter

Press Statement: Nkosazana Daughter apologises after a no-show

Star singer Nkosazana Daughter released a statement of apology for missing her performance at Horizonte Lodge in Tete.

Nkosazana Daughter no-show

Nkosazana Daughter with Master KG. Image: Facebook@Nkosazana Daughter

Nkosazana Daughter has been busy and booked since her thrust into the limelight. With an illustrious career spanning years, she has headlined several shows around the globe.

Back home, she is a darling of many, and her star performances always thrust her into top trends. However, Nkosazana Daughter is trending after she failed to show up at a gig in Tete.

Against her no-show, the star has released a statement of apology. The statement has been making rounds on social media since it dropped.


The star singer has it that she regrets not showing up for the gig. Part of her now-viral statement reads, “It is with deep regret that Nkosazana Daughter Productions announces the cancellation of the performance at Horizonte Lodge on 1 June 2024.”

Nkosazana Daughter revealed that she missed the show because one of her team members was ill. However, the star did not reveal much about the illness.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, one of our team members could not board the flight due to illness, and the whole team had to be tested for all safety.

“We understand the disappointment this news brings to our fans, who were looking forward to an evening of music and entertainment,” the statement reads. However, she revealed that she will try to have a makeup gig with her fans in Tete.

However, Nkosazana Daughter’s statement appreciated Master KG, who took over the gig after the illness. The two have quickly become a powerful duo, dropping smash hits that have topped the charts.

Nkosazana Daughter appreciated Master KG for standing in her stead at the gig. “We would like to thank Master KG and his team for standing in for Nkosazana Daughter. We are currently working to reschedule the performance and will provide updates as soon as possible,” the statement reads.

“However, we appreciate your understanding and continued support during this time. Nkosazana Daughter looks forward to coming to Tete soon and making it up to our fans with an unforgettable experience,” the statement said.


However, despite keeping her private life under wraps, Nkosazana Daughter hogged headlines earlier this year. The star topped trends when she bought a new house.

She shared photos of her lush house on Instagram. Nkosazana Daughter captioned the post, “Cash… What would I be without the love that you give me? What would I be without the love of God.”