Gogo Maweni townhouse

Inside Gogo Maweni’s Oakdene Townhouse: Images. Instagram @dr_maweni

PICTURES: You can rent Gogo Maweni’s Oakdene townhouse!

Celebrity sangoma Gogo Maweni’s one-bedroomed Oakdene townhouse is available for rent at R7 000 per month.

Gogo Maweni townhouse

Inside Gogo Maweni’s Oakdene Townhouse: Images. Instagram @dr_maweni

Barely a few hours after teasing her new house, Gogo Maweni has made it known that she is renting out one of her properties. The celebrity sangoma shared the news on Instagram on 24 June.


On Instagram, Gogo Maweni shared photos of her neat townhouse in Oakdene, Johannesburg South. The bubbly sangoma said she was renting the townhouse for R7 000 monthly.

The post has since gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped. However, one of her fans jokingly said that Gogo Maweni would deal with a problematic tenant accordingly.

However, the post came barely a day after she revealed that she was renovating their new house. She shared a short clip of her new house getting a makeover on Instagram.

Gogo Maweni’s house has some good amenities for a townhouse. The one-bedroom townhouse boasts modern architectural designs. It has an open-plan kitchen with fitted cardboard and big glass window doors for more natural light. The house also has a fine dining room. There is a balcony that offers the best scenery views.

However, against the post, fans were quick to implicate some of her properties in the mix. She reportedly has over five properties around South Africa. Despite keeping her private life under wraps, she has shared some of her big wins on social media, especially her property portfolio.

In a subtle Instagram post a few days ago, Gogo Maweni showed off her new house.


However, the celebrity sangoma has been building her real estate portfolio brick by brick with the help of her husband. Reports have it that they now have more than five properties under their watch.

Their first three properties are little known, but they have often shared progress updates on their social media timelines. The latest update was on their flat, which they have been building in the leafy suburbs of Johannesburg.

The property will be available for rent, and they are now working on some final touches. Gogo Maweni often posts progress updates of the flat on social media, with the latest post dating back to 24 June.

Apart from houses, the celebrity sangoma revealed her plans to open a lush restaurant in Sandton. In 2023, Gogo Maweni bought a residential house in Sandton, which she said would be demolished to start an upscale bar and restaurant called Kwa Maweni.