'Skeem Saam's' Babeile with his wife.

‘Skeem Saam’s’ Babeile with his wife. Image via Instagram @manamelamatthews

PHOTOS: Meet ‘Skeem Saam’ star Babeile’s real-life wife

‘Skeem Saam’ actor Matthews Manamela, who portrays the character of Babeile reveals his real-life wife, Maisha Manamela.

'Skeem Saam's' Babeile with his wife.

‘Skeem Saam’s’ Babeile with his wife. Image via Instagram @manamelamatthews

Skeem Saam actor Matthews Manamela, who portrays Sergeant Babeile in the educational soapie shows off his wife.


The Skeem Saam star took to his Instagram on Thursday, 14 March to share photos of his wife, Maisha Manamela.

Manamela has been portraying the role of Sergeant Babeile for over five seasons in the SABC1 soapie.

MDNnews reports that Manamela’s wife, Maisha is an actress, who’s appeared in e.tv’s soapie, Scandal!

Kaya 959 reports that Maisha Pauline Manamela portrayed the role of Connie on the e.tv long-running show.


Skeem Saam actor’s character, Sergeant Babeile began a romantic relationship with Sthoko (Inno Sadiki) in the 12th season of the educational soapie. 

His character’s last relationship was with Mapitsi’s older sister Sonti Magongwa (played by Pearl Nikolic), which did not work out.

Babeile was also in a relationship with [his daughter] Lewatle’s mother, who viewers haven’t met yet. 

He raised Lewatle as a single father when her mother left their daughter when she was still young.

In the soapie, Babeile’s girlfriend, Sthoko Letsoalo was married to Clement’s father who abused her.

Innocent’s character landed in hospital after being beaten to a pulp by her onscreen partner.

Sadiki revealed to TshisaLIVE in 2017 that she gets messages of women saying they went through the same thing [Sthoko and her character] went through.

“Others stories are scarier: Some women have shown their scars and bruises while others were burnt and poisoned by their partners.”

“Some are even disabled as a result. They relate to Sthoko and that is what pushes me to help teach someone about abuse,” she added.