Mel and Peet Viljoen

Mel and Peet Viljoen. Image via Instagram @peetviljoen_ttn

Peet Viljoen hits back at Nonku and LeJoy’s abuse claims on ‘RHUGT’

‘The only abuse Mel suffers by my hand is the weight of the diamonds I keep gifting her’ : Peet Viljoen on claims he’s abusing his wife.

Mel and Peet Viljoen

Mel and Peet Viljoen. Image via Instagram @peetviljoen_ttn

Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa owner Peet Viljoen has responded to claims he is abusing his wife and The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip – South Africa star, Mel Viljoen.

During the third episode of the season of the Showmax reality series, Mel’s cast members Nonku Williams and Lethabo “LeJoy” Mathatho alleged that Peet was an abusive husband.


Construction magnet Nonku is also a Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star, while Lejoy – who is an award-winning radio and TV host — was in The Real Housewives of Johannesburg season two and three.

On the show, the businessman was further accused of being controlling and denying Mel the opportunity to be a mother, as the couple does not have children together while Peet has three.

Speaking to her RHOD bestie, Jojo Robinson, Nonku said about Mel: “She idolise her husband. She thinks he’s the best think since planet Earth. I think she’s being abused.”

She continued: “And I can bet you, Peet doesn’t want to have kids… Peet runs Mel’s life.”

LeJoy also claimed that Mel is in a cult if she believes she can’t live without Peet, also adding that it sounds as though she is being abused.


In a statement sent to The South African, Peet denounced any allegations of abuse.

“As a divorce lawyer I defended women against abusive men for 17 years. I have reapplied to practice law after a court found that I have been wrongfully prosecuted for nearly 15 years. I have five sisters who would have slapped the silly out of me if I had abusive tendencies towards women.

“The only abuse Mel suffers by my hand is probably the weight of the diamonds I keep gifting her,” Peet said.

Addressing claims he doesn’t want to have children with his wife, he said they both decided it would be best not to have any because Mel doesn’t have family.

“Nobody to assist should anything happen to me. We are not living in 1955. Women are not worth less when children are not what they desire. I am taken aback by the baby-shaming on the show,” he added.

Peet explained that he works hard to provide an opulent lifestyle for Mel; from organising her schedule to hiring people to prepare her meals and arranging her hair and nail appointments.

Further boasting about the princess treatment he affords his wife, Peet said: “I arranged for Mel to fly business class to Jamaica, as the producers could only afford an economy ticket. I also arranged stopovers in Miami for Mel to rest before and after production. If this is considered controlling Mel’s life you are staring at a guilty husband.”


In the statement, Mel also claimed she was “baby shamed” by Nonku and LeJoy.

“My husband Peet is the pillar of my world. My emotional home. Nothing is too much of an ask when my happiness is at stake… The accusation of abuse is dangerous and career ending. Abuse is a disease of our time, and should not be loosely thrown around, without consequences.”

She further told her RHUGT cast members to “mind only the business that pays them.”